In a previous post, I discussed my excitement to try green smoothies. Well, I finally got all my ingredients together and made my first smoothie on the weekend! I gotta say…I was pleasantly surprised!

First of all, I’m not the biggest fan of bananas. Next, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about almond milk. I’ve seen mixed reviews online.  Also…let’s be honest here. The idea of me drinking kale and spinach…err? But I gotta say..I’m an impulsive person. When I was online and came across that hair website that discussed the health benefits of green smoothies, I thought that it was just a great idea. Not only would it be great for my skin and hair, but for my health overall.  And, if I did not like the green smoothies…I figured I could throw some frozen fruit in there and make a fruit smoothie! Nothing wrong with that!

So I went out, got my ingredients, and made the smoothie on Saturday.  I followed the recipe given, and I have to say, especially for a green smoothie newbie, it was a little bit too much for me volume wise.  The recipe is as follows:

1 cup of almond milk (Provides Protein, Potassium & Zinc minerals)
1 Organic Banana (Provides Vitamin A, B, C, E & Iron minerals)
1 Handful of Spinach (Provides Fiber, Protein and Cancer-fighting Antioxidants)
1 Handful of Kale (Provides Vitamin A, C, K, & Sulfur for Detoxification)
1 Tablespoon of Flax Seeds or Chia Seeds (Provides Omega-3 Fatty Acids)
1 Organic Pear (Provides Calcium & Fiber)
½ Cup of Ice

The above recipe, of course, did not include flax seeds, since as I mentioned previously, I hadn’t received the flax seeds that I had ordered online yet.

Anyhow, after I made and drank the majority of my smoothie, I remembered that I should have taken photos, so I did that this time around.  Even still…I forgot to take pictures of me actually making the smoothie. Maybe I’ll do that another time.

So this time when I made my smoothie, I followed this recipe (flax seeds will be included in my NEXT smoothie):

½ cup of almond milk 
½ organic Banana 
1 Handful of Spinach 
1 Handful of Kale
1 Tablespoon of Flax Seeds 
½ Organic Pear
½ Cup of Ice

This size worked out much better for me as a single serving, and perhaps I’ll slowly increase the amount of ingredients I put into my Ninja until I’ve reached the amounts specified in the first recipe.


It is really tasty.  To be honest, I can’t even taste the spinach or kale much.  All I can really taste is the pear and the banana.  That works out well for me…as I don’t know how appetizing it is to taste/drink kale & spinach!  I plan to try this with raspberries instead of pear sometime in the future.  I think it’s important to mix things up so that I don’t get bored.

Something else that makes this smoothie very satisfying is the ice in it.  I like the “crunchiness” that I get when I bite down into it.  After being in the Ninja for about a minute, the ice took on a snow-like texture.  Very well blended, but still with a little bit of “crunch”.

The smoothie is pretty “smooth”, but it still has a little bit of texture to it, so I do “chew” when I drink it.  I think that’s a good thing.  Chewing helps activate digestion, does it not?  🙂

20 minutes later…

I did finish my smoothie and enjoyed every minute of it.  I did not feel like I was strictly drinking “for the health of it” or that I was forcing myself to finish drinking.  I actually liked it.


There was still a bit of pulp and stuff left over in my cup.  When I put my pear in there, I simply washed it, but I did not peel it. There is plenty of good fiber in the skin of the pear, so don’t peel your pear and throw that goodness away!

Overall, operation smoothie was a great success.  I really like my Ninja blender as well!
Here’s to your health! 🙂


3 comments on “Green Smoothie Deliciousness

  1. Crystal Autumn

    I promised I thought this would be gross. I'm glad you can't taste the spinach or kale. I'm not a fan of pears either, so maybe I will try apples or something. The health benefits definitely make it worth trying, and like you said…if it doesn't turn out good you can just add more fruit!


  2. You can definitely try apples! For the sake of substituting with another fruit that has a lot of fiber, I'm going to try raspberries next.If you like raspberries you can try those too 🙂


  3. Crystal Autumn

    I never had raspberries alone, but I do like raspberry flavored things. So that might work for me as well. Thanks for the tip!


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