Currently, I’m pretty much in hibernation. My white blood cell count is low right now. From what I understand, it is a side effect from the new medications that I have been on since the transplant.

These are the new meds that I am on:

(transplant) Mycophenolate sodium
(transplant) Tacrolimus
(antiviral) Valcyte
(antibiotic) Sulfamethoxazole

The medications that are highlighted are the medications that I have been told to hold for the time being while more tests are done in relation to my white count. I will repeat all of my blood work on Thursday, then I will go back to the hospital on Friday and get an injection called Neupogen. I will need to get it for 3 days straight, so I will go in on Friday to get the first injection, then get a prescription for the other two doses and administer them myself on Saturday and Sunday.  That is only if, however, my white count does not come up by the time I do my blood work on Thursday morning.

It kind of sucks because I was going to go to my friend’s house last Saturday for her husband’s birthday party. When I found out about my low blood count on the Friday afternoon prior to that, I had to cancel those plans as I did not want to put myself in a situation with unnecessary risk.  If I develop any cold/flu-like symptoms or a sore throat, I have to call my transplant coordinator asap. Some people may have a cold or sore throat or something and not even think twice about it..and go out to, say, a birthday party.  While it may not affect them..surely it would affect me! 😦

More details in my next post about my Neupogen experience.

Current WBC count: 1.8


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