I went to see my opthamologist for my annual eye check up.  As someone who takes plaquenil, I have to get my eyes checked regularly as plaquenil, (or hydroxychloroquine) can affect the eyes.

So as usual, first I put my glasses on and read the letters being projected on the wall.  Then the doctor showed me a flip book with numbers in them that I had to read as quickly as possible. For example, the dots might be green and the numbers, which were comprised of dots, might be orange. I think that is to make sure I’m not colourblind.

After that, I had the dilating drops put in my eyes, waited about half an hour, then the doctor looked in my eyes again.  She said that everything looked fine and I would need to come back in one year.

So that’s it! If you’re on plaquenil, do not neglect or skip your ophthalmology appointments.  It’s important. Also, when you do go for these exams, make sure you bring your sunglasses.  Since your pupils are dilated, you will be very sensitive to the light from the sun.  And that counts for winter, too. The light from the sun reflecting off of the snow and into your eyes might make your ability to see even worse until your pupils return to their normal size in a few hours!

And now, for your entertainment, my creepy dilated pupil.  Enjoy!


2 comments on “Annual Eye Check!

  1. Anonymous

    How long have you been on plaquenil. Have you ever been on 400 mg a day?


  2. Hi there,
    I've been on plaquenil for several years. At least 10 years I'd say. I've always been on 200mg and never higher/lower 🙂


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