I had me a heck of a workout yesterday.

The other day, I went onto treadmillfactory.ca and bought a couple of things for my new plans of working out.

One of the things that I bought was this interval timer.  So far, I used it while riding my exercise bike.  On the left side of the screen it says BHV. The “B” stands for “Beep”, the “H” stands for “High”, and the “V” stands for “Vibrate”. The numbers underneath the BHV lets me know how many intervals I did. What does that mean? Allow me to explain.

While riding my exercise bike, I set it to a tension level that is “medium”. I would ride it at medium intensity for two minutes (hence the 2:00 on the bottom right corner of the timer). Then, after two minutes, the timer beeps loudly (B for beep, H for High, as in, High volume on the beep) and it also vibrates. I set all of these alerts because I listen to my Ipod while on the exercise bike.  So anyhow, when the timer beeps after two minutes, I crank the intensity on the bike up and bike like I’m heading for the finish line. After 30 seconds are up, the timer beeps loudly and vibrates again, then I put the bike back down to the medium tension level.  After two minutes of that, the timer sounds/vibrates, and I crank that tension back up again.  I did that for 30 minutes.  The numbers on the bottom left will tell me how many “intervals” I did.  I think I did 11 yesterday if I remember correctly.  Before getting my timer, I was just riding the exercise bike at the medium tension for the whole time (which was only 20 minutes…this was my first go at 30 minutes). Man, my heart rate was up there! I took my heart rate right after I got off of the bike and it was at 140, which is great. 
When I looked in the mirror after my workout, sweat was absolutely pourrrring off of my face.  Wow, must have been a good workout!  Plus…the fact that it was sweltering outside yesterday also contributed to this hahaha.

I also bought a tape measure when I bought my interval timer.  I hope this will help me keep track of my progress. I will write my measurements down and check them again after a month or so.  I hope to get bigger in some places, smaller in others! LoL.  Wish me luck..! Now, let me waddle to the kitchen with my still sore thighs! 😀


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