One of my best friends got married this weekend! It was a beautiful ceremony which was located outside.  It was hot and sunny, but everyone was provided with lovely purple fans to match the wedding’s theme/colours. Considering the rain storm that occurred the very next day in the afternoon, the day of the wedding couldn’t have been a more gloriously sunny day.

I think back to the past, when Sarah, myself, and our friends were just kids in our late teens/early 20s-going clubbing, bars, out for dinner, the movies…just doing anything and everything that kids at that age do! 

And now, we’re “big girls” doing things that adults do (we’re adults? ….terrifying!) LOL! Clubs and similar environments have kind of lost their appeal. We’re older, smarter…and our interests and tastes have changed. We much prefer doing things that allow us to really enjoy each other’s company, like going out for coffee, lunch/dinner, gatherings at a mutual friend’s house, etc. Bars and clubs are not completely out of the question, but mostly reserved for special occasions/celebrations…and even then, that’s only if the person we are celebrating REALLY wants to do those things (aka still rare)! 

And then, all of a sudden..I’m attending Sarah’s wedding!

It seems like only yesterday…we were at our respective homes getting dressed and ready to head to the school dance…or to prom…a club..just anywhere.  I remember how sweet it was when our friend Carolyn got her driver’s licence and could drive us all everywhere, so we frequented patios, malls, even a weekend trip to Wasaga beach!

At Wasaga Beach

I couldn’t be happier for Sarah for having found her prince charming, Sean! Sean is a super great guy and I’m very comfortable saying that they are just perfect for each other!! I’m certainly glad that myself, Sarah, and friends decided to wander into that strange bar that day-the day Sarah and Sean met! I remember us girls teasing Sarah on the way home-saying she was gonna marry a phd! Well LOOK! 🙂

Words cannot describe how much I love my friend Sarah. She has been right there with me at my side through thick and thin, and I am truly blessed to have her as one of my best friends. So many laughs and happy moments coupled with the harder and more trying times.  It doesn’t matter what it is or what I’m going through, I’ve always known that Sarah is but a phone call away. I’m honoured and happy that I was able to share this wonderful day with her.

And now, a few more pictures of my bestie’s wedding!

This is Kerrie and her husband Jeff-I was one of Kerrie’s bridesmaids last year, remember? 🙂

1 comment on “I Love Weddings!

  1. Aww, what a lovely posting. I'm so happy you were there to celebrate with sand dance with me at my wedding 🙂
    I do remember you and Kerrie teasing me that night I met Sean…and here we are! You should be taking credit for our meeting…after all we were out celebrating your birthday that night!
    We have come a long way and been through a lot: high school antics, clubbing, boys, celebrations, hospital stays, graduation,etc. I'm happy we're at each other's sides through all of them!
    Love you xo


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