I haven’t updated on much outside of relationship stuff in a bit, so I thought I’d write a post about that!

My return-to-work process is going well.  I’m back to work at 75% of my hours now.  I work part time, so I only have 5 hours left to go before I’m back at my full 20 hours.  I’m glad to be back and see my co-workers, but I also can’t wait to be at full capacity so that I can apply for HR jobs.  I’m going to be honest-at the advice of family and a couple of friends, I applied for 2 HR jobs. I don’t suspect they’ll call me back as my file with my employer still lists me as being on disability, but hey, we shall see!

I have a couple of important appointments coming up. Both of these appointments have nothing to do really with my health per se.  I’m not referring to a nephrology appointment, or a rheumatology appointment, or a oncology appointment.  The first one which is coming up next month is an appointment in the vascular department.  I’m getting my fistula assessed for removal.

This is pretty big for me.  I pray to God that my new kidney will last me an extremely long time. So, in a long, long time, if it does fail and I need to go back on dialysis, I’ll have to have a catheter inserted into my chest.  If I don’t have the fistula reversed, it will just remain there and I assume can be used again in the future if need be.  But, let’s be honest here.  I’m a 30 year old woman. I like wearing tank tops, tube tops, short sleeves, etc. But, with the fistula, I feel very self conscious doing so, and I mostly only wear the aforementioned types of clothing in my home or with some sort of cardigan on top. I can wear these things without the cardigan…but the stares, looks, etc can get exhausting.

The second appointment is in October with the plastic surgery department.  It’s about my stomach scar that I earned back in 2006 with the botched staple removal .  I’m hoping to have it revised and fixed a little.  I’m not expecting a miracle, but they’ve got to be able to do something better than this!  Again, I’m a 30 year old SINGLE woman. I know I won’t be the sports illustrated swimsuit model of the year..but can we at least get this scar from grotesque to decent?  I think so.

So those are the main things happening with me right now. As always, updates will follow 🙂


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