So i’m pretty sure I have a fracture in my foot.

I mentioned a few posts back that I got x-rays of my foot, both in clinic and also in the ER.   At the end of the day, the ER doctor told me to simply wear sturdy shoes, and if things did not get better in a couple of weeks, come back. Well, things are not better.

I’m going to be honest-I thought this “wear sturdy shoes” suggestion was rather odd, considering the fact that A-I have a history of foot fractures, and B- my foot clearly has localized swelling at the top.

In this picture, with my feet side to side, you can see that there is clearly a sizable bump at the top of my foot.    That doesn’t really seem like a “wear two pairs of sturdy shoes and call me in the morning” type of situation.  But then again..I’m not a doctor.  What I do know is that my last foot fracture didn’t show up on an x-ray at all, and it was only after Dr. Fortin ordered a MRI that it showed my foot was fractured in two places.  I wish Dr. Fortin was around.  So now, I’m going to be forced to go to emergency to get my foot checked out when in the past, Dr. Fortin would have just ordered the MRI and made an appointment for me at the Fracture clinic straight away.  I can’t get anyone to do this for me now.  I was thinking of getting in touch with my rheumatologist, but he and I don’t yet have the same rapport that myself and Dr. Fortin had/have.

So it looks like I’ll likely be making an early morning trip to emerg on my day off, Tuesday, in order to get this checked out by an actual fracture doctor.  What a pain! I’m going to waste a whole bunch of time to go to emergency to get told to go to fracture clinic which will waste more time! Gah!


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