Seems that I’ve been ‘revisiting’ a few topics as of late, haven’t I!  Well, I think it’s important.  The way I feel and my thoughts on things have changed.  I’ve been documenting my thoughts and experiences on this blog since 2007, and that’s ample time for thoughts and views and concerns to change.

I’ve been working part-time for the bank since 2003. This job has meant so much to me over the years.  I’ve met great people and have made awesome connections. I can say without hesitation that I have met some lifelong friends there, some that have been there for me through thick and thin, and I really don’t know what I would do without them. I won’t even get into how this job and the health benefits it provides, even to a part time worker, has saved my life.

With all of that said, I seriously need a change of scenery.  I’ve been in that same department doing the same job since 2003 and it’s time that I move on.  Not away from the company if I can help it, however.  All of the long hours spent in class, juggling sleep, studying, and dialysis…they’ve all paid off.  I’m a college grad, and my diploma says so.  It’s time for me to get a job in HR now!

I actually had a job interview last week for an admin coordinator position within the bank. This position encompasses a lot of HR functions. That, coupled with the invaluable administrative experience I would get from such a position is what attracted me to it.  So as for the interview…it went okay, but I will admit that I was a little rusty. They asked me what I liked best about my job as well as what I liked the least.  Eek! It’s easy to state what you like most, but not so east to state what you like least.  I was caught off guard with that one.  I’m hoping that both of the people that interviewed me, the director and the chief operating officer, could see my eagerness to learn as well as my uplifting spirit in addition the the skill set I bring to the table.

One of the questions related to what I felt might be a possible struggle for me.  Well, I was honest. This would be my first full time job-I’ve always worked part time.  The COO asked me if I thought my head would be hitting the counter mid-day (he was a funny guy). I countered that by said that I managed to go to school, go to work, and fit homework in between and maintain/achieve Dean’s list status, so I didn’t foresee that being an issue.

But..what if it IS an issue?

In the position I’m in right now, I work 3 days a week.  If I call in sick, there are hundreds of other people doing the exact same thing that I’m doing right now. In this new position, however, if I call in sick, all of the undone work sits there until I come back..and if I’m away long enough, they’ll have to fill the position somehow.  Then, when I return, this job probably won’t be there waiting for me anymore. Scary stuff.

But, that said, after my transplant, I truly feel amazing and have rarely gotten sick or felt so exhausted that I didn’t want to get out of bed…all things I cannot say about how I felt pre-transplant.

I didn’t discuss my condition during the interview.  I discussed this at length with my manager.  She suggested that if they do go ahead and offer me a position, I should mention that I do have appointments from time to time and just want to make sure it’s okay…and if, for example, I can come to work early, leave work late, etc. to get work done. Sounds like a good plan, I think.

So I may or may not get this job. Even if I don’t, these are still thoughts, fears, etc. I have to think about. I just hope it doesn’t get to be too…much. Ya know?

How do you feel?

1 comment on “Working with Lupus-Revisited

  1. i think it's a valid concern. i'm going to be starting my first f/t job in a few weeks. i just graduated from a master's program in May 2012. I entered school August 2010 and was diagnosed July 2010. In grad school, everyone is so accommodating, but in the real world, having to ask to leave work early or come in later is daunting. I've heard to never disclose your medical concerns. I've also heard to disclose. Really confusing. Is there a right or wrong answer? Who knows? =/
    But good luck to you! i hope you get the job 🙂


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