This week was a busy one for me.

On Mondays I usually work 8-1, but this Monday was a vacation day for me. I also had a transplant clinic that day. So, I went to the hospital a bit early to do blood work as well as meet up with my girls who are on dialysis. I got the Tim Horton’s oatmeal for the first time-mixed berry. It was delicious!

So I met/sat with the girls until they were done their treatment, then we all went out for lunch. I was glad to spend some time with them. After that, I went to see my transplant doc.  Everything is still going great, and my creatinine is still awesome at 67.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I went to work. I worked with one of my managers and two of my colleagues for “Take Your Kids To Work” day.  We talked about the importance of a good resume as well as giving a good first impression. This involved having me be the “good applicant” and my colleague Sean being the “not-so good applicant”. My other colleague Lucy was my manager Sonia’s assistant. I think the students, although they may not know it yet, learned a lot.  I remember clearly my “Take Your Kids To Work” day outing with my father. It was awfully exciting, especially with him being a police officer! 🙂

On Thursday, I had a rheumy appointment. I was happy to see Lisa, another patient of my current rheumy.  If you’re reading this-Hi Lisa!

Luckily everything is stable, and my next appointment won’t be until May I think. Good stuff!

On Friday, I went to the gym and destroyed my arms. I’m still sore in the best possible way!

Today I went to the dentist. I paid the price for my lack of dental visits with a good deep scaling of my teeth. I also got 3 teeth fixed-one chipped tooth, one previously filled tooth where the filling fell out, and one slightly chipped bottom front tooth.  The whole ordeal took 2 hours..!! By the end, my dentist and I laughed at the fact that my mouth was so tired from being open for so long.

As I type this entry, I’m just waiting on my friend Mikey to pick me up so we can hang out. Mikey and I have been friends since we worked together back in the mid-late 90s. He’s super.

Well, that was and is my week. 🙂 I’m working tomorrow for Remembrance day. Hurray for double time! Boo to working 2pm-10pm :-/


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