I’m blogging from my phone in bed. I’m actually home from work today with a bad stomach ache. I hate missing work. Also apologizing in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors.

Anyhow, as the title of this post indicates, I’m feeling pretty disappointed today for various reasons.

I went to see the plastic surgeon yesterday. I didn’t even actually get to meet the surgeon-just the fellow helping the surgeon. The doctor looked at my stomach and tested my abdominal muscles by having me lie on my back and lift both legs off of the bed. She said my muscle tone was still in tact, which was good.

She went on to say that this kind of surgery was risky due to the fact that I’m on immunosuppressant drugs. I know this already-I’ve had numerous surgeries. But anyhow, she said it. She said she would consult with the doctor and they would both come back into the room.

She came back a short time after, without the main doctor. She then said there are 2 problems. One, the issue she already mentioned. Two, the fact that OHIP was very unlikely to pay for this procedure as it was strictly cosmetic. I asked if any consideration would be given considering the fact that this scar exists due to doctor error. She said she would say in the letter that it occurred due to a complication after surgery. I know doctors like to protect themselves and their colleagues?, so of course she wouldn’t use the word “error” or “mistake”, which is what it was. She said there was no point further discussing the risks associated with the surgery until OHIP responded to the letter. She made it quite clear that it was almost impossible that this would be covered.

I was so disappointed that I sat I the room I was in and cried after the doctor left. Why is this happening? Why are they allowed to scar me permanently due to their own errors/ignoring what I said to them about a nurse removing one staple the day before and concluding that my wound was not healed enough?

So now it’s like..if OHIP says no they won’t pay for it, I, a 30 year old woman, who has been on the receiving end of MANY doctor/medical staff mistakes, will be forced to either live with it or shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for a mistake made by a doctor.

I don’t ask for much. I have plenty of scars from surgery, and none of them look like this one. I just want the error fixed. I’ve been through the ringer and back and am asking for one thing in return-revise the huge scar on my stomach that I have lived with for 6 years.

I’m considering my options here. It won’t be until after the new year that OHIP. Will respond to the letter with their decision. If it is a no, I’m going back to my original surgeon who did the surgery and asking him to help me. Mind you, this scar wasn’t HIS fault, but he knows about it as it occurred while he was my doctor. It was another doctor who made this life changing error.

Gosh I’m just so upset and disappointed that I can’t even begin to describe it.


1 comment on “Disappointed

  1. Miz Flow, you're not the only one who feels like that every morning. Almost every morning feels like I am bench pressing 300 pounds and I often feel exhausted just by getting out of bed. I can only offer my support and let you know that we really have to make an effort to stay alive…and sane! Don't give up and its okay to be a bit crazy…like I am…and throw lupus to the wind. Out of sheer taunt to lupus, I have called her LADY LU and she can really be a pain in the behind! hahaha! Take care…visit me when you can….<>


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