First off, let me ask for forgiveness on this post.  It is likely to be riddled with spelling, punctuatiom, and other similar mistakes, I’m blogging from my tablet and my tablet stramly doesn’t have a blogger app (or i cannot find it) even though it is an android os tablet.  Well, hopefully it makes sense.

In the middle of the night on Friday morning, I woke up with terrible stomach pain. It was so bad that I couldm’t even lie still.  So, after trying to manage to fall asleep with the aid of a hot water bottle, i decided that I had better go to the hospital.

I got to the hospital and i was in bad shape. My stomach hurt so badly and i was running back and forth to the washroom.

Long story short, i had c difficile!! My CT scan and the rest of my bloodwork came up clear. So now i’m taking flagyl for 14 days and that should hopefully clear things up.

Some nonsense definitely occurred along the way, but imwill definitely report back at a later time after I spend some time chillin!!

P.S. I’m not missing my trip!!!!!

6 comments on “tummy troubles

  1. Oh that sucks! I've had C.Diff 4 times. The first two were the worst and the second was when I was in the ICU very sick and seriously on the verge of death (C.diff was just one problem, but it took them awhile to figure it out). There is no misery quite like it. I hope you feel better soon. I lost A LOT of weight when I had it and then while on flagyl because the thought of food made me sick. I hope you've been able to eat.


  2. So sorry to hear. C-diff is no joke! I had it twice and it's no fun! To top that off, Flagyl is truly awful! Here's wishing you a speedy recovery and health in the New Year. Feel better and get


  3. I haven't had many side effects so far except perhaps a metallic taste in my mouth that makes water and some other bevys taste funny. What other side effects should I look out for? I hate that nobody mentioned anything to look out for when I was in the hospital/when flagyl was prescribed..


  4. I think that's all that I experienced with flagyl. I remember I couldn't wait to be done taking it!


  5. I have C. Diff right now. The really frustrating thing is I've been having problems with diarrhea and stomach pain for years, and no one could ever find an answer. I was always tested for C. Diff and always negative.
    Then I found this GI doc who figured out the problem and we were treating it.
    I thought things were going to get better now, but then she called and said I also have C. Diff. Just started Flagyl and find it horrible.
    I don't mean to sound like a complainer, but this is not the only issue on top of a flare.
    I've been so upset, and it really helps to read what you all have shared.
    I'm sorry this is so long, and that you've all had to deal with this, but thank you so much.


  6. Hi Jane,
    I'm sorry to hear about you having tummy troubles for all these years. It can sometimes be hard to convince doctors that something is really wrong and something needs to be done, especially when you have lupus. I'm glad that you were able to get it correctly diagnosed, but I won't lie. Being on flagyl was one of my worst experiences as it relates to medication and side effects. I'm hoping that you don't experience those. Please keep me posted with how you're doing-I'd love to know. You can email me directly! My email address is in the contact me tab at the top of my blog.

    Best wishes!


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