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Earphones Earphones Everywhere

Back in August of last year, I bought a pair of pink diddy beats. I bought them through teambuy.  I really liked these earphones-they’re small, they’re pink, and they allow me to take calls/skip through songs on my iPhone.

In December when I was in the hospital, much to my chagrin, my earphones stopped working. Realizing that my earphones should still be under warranty, I contact Beats By Dre, who emailed me an RMA. Just prior to my trip to Rotterdam, I sent the earphones back in the mail for repair/replacement.  While I was on vacation, I got an email informing me that the earphones had been verified as being authentic (there are a lot of fakes out there) and that they would email me again when my repaired/replaced earphones were mailed out.

After returning from my trip and returning from a day at work, I got home to find a box on my doorstep. It said BBD as the sender, so I knew my new earphones had arrived!

I opened the box and was surprised at what I saw. These were not my small, pink earphones that I paid about 80 bucks for.  These were bigger, much more expensive earphones! Is it possible that they sent me these $350 headphones to replace my pink ones??!

I left the earphones unopened, as I had a feeling that Beats By Dre would call me any day to let me know they had made a mistake.

Sure enough, the following day while I was at work, my sister called me and said that FedEx was at the door, saying they had a package to pick up. I knew it had to be the headphones.  But the problem was..FedEx never told me that they were coming for the package, and nor did BBD. I wasn’t going to have my sister sit there and re-box the headphones. So, the Fedex delivery/pick up person left.  I called BBD that evening, and I was told that a manager would get back to me within 48 hours.  That was on a Friday.

So on Monday morning while I was at work, once again my sister contacted me to let me know that FedEx was here again to pick up a package as well as drop off another one. Again, since I was waiting to hear back from BBD, I didn’t re-box the headphones. So, Fedex left the second package.  When I got home, I found a box which contained a brand new pair of the actual earphones I had. Wow.

48 hours had already passed, so I decided to call BBD back. I spoke to a CSR who put me through to a manager. I explained the situation to the manager who then put me on hold for a brief time. Guess what he said? He said that he had spoken to the repair department and they said that I could just go ahead and keep BOTH pairs! WHAAAA??? I sincerely thanked the manager, as this was totally NOT what I was expecting!!
I posted updates on my facebook page as they occurred. My friends were happy as well as outraged haha! Seems everyone wanted to buy a pair off of me!  So I decided to have some fun.
First, I took the old box from my broken earphones and put them together and took a picture, leading my friends to believe that I had received yet another pair!
I also bought a pair of red headphones that were on sale at Best Buy-I needed something for my trip and earphones that were bring repaired would not be ready in time. On top of that, I wanted a pair of headphones to use while at the gym. It would just be more convenient than earphones that constantly fall out of my ears while I’m on the treadmill. Man oh man did I ever get a lot of offers/bids in my inbox after posting this pic! Hahaha I’m so wrong for doing that! 🙂

So I sold the red pair to a friend, and I’ve kept the purple and pink pair.  Lucky me, huh? Oh, and AMAZING customer service, Beats by Dre! I’m a happy camper!


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  1. That's awesome!


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