I did my colonoscopy yesterday in an attempt to figure out what has been causing my severe stomach pain for the past month or so.

The actual colonoscopy was on a Thursday, but my prep began on Tuesday. So, for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning (my test was scheduled for 11:45am, it started at 12:15pm), no solid food. I drank tea, water, a can of pop, and beef flavoured water. Oh, and Jell-O too. As someone who is quite fond of solids, this was a very difficult process for me.  People kept asking me if I was SURE I was supposed to fast for two full days and not just one. Oh, I’m sure.  I read the prep sheet that was emailed to me about 10 times.

Taking prednisone with food is always recommended, especially since it can affect your tummy. Luckily I didn’t have too much trouble with that. I did, however, experience bad hunger pains. I distracted myself doing various things..but these various things were often surrounded with food or the smells of food 😦
Did I cheat?  I’m ashamed to say yes, I cheated.  On Tuesday, I ate about 5 Ritz crackers..and on Wednesday, I ate one single timbit.

Image borrowed from http://brunchenthusiast.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/my-timbit-review/

 Just one. It was the most delicious timbit I had ever eaten..and at the time..I regretted nothing!

It wasn’t until I started drinking the dreaded colon cleansing prep drink.

Mmm..Colyte… :\

I drank about 250ml every 10 minutes, as directed. After about an hour and 20 minutes..it began.  As I scooted back and forth to the bathroom, I wondered if those ritz crackers and that timbit were worth it. What if, after all of..THIS, I get to the procedure room and they tell me that I’m not “clear” enough and I need to reschedule my colonoscopy!?? After all of that torture! Ugh..why oh why did I eat that stuff??

Luckily my mom was off on Thursday, so she was able to accompany me to my appointment.  I got to the hospital a bit early so I could visit my friend SB (Sadia, as discussed in my previous post) and see how she and her kidney are doing. I sat in on the conversation between herself and her doctors, as well as went to the hospital food court to get her some tasty bevys.  After that, it was time to head over and do my own test.

I was taken in immediately after arriving and checking in.  I got changed and was then brought over to a stretcher to lie down on. The nurse went over my history with me. I told her that I had had a bad reaction to fentanyl, but she didn’t write it on my allergy band.  It’s a good thing that the nurse who was looking after me during the colonoscopy (I think his name was Ian) double checked my chart and saw that..as fentanyl is one of the medications they would have administered!  Anyhow, another nice lady came and put an iv in my arm as soon as I finished speaking to the first nurse who asked me various questions about my background.

I was wheeled outside of the room where my colonoscopy would take place.  I stayed there for a good hour. The doctor who would perform the colonoscopy came to speak to me as well as Ian. I was wheeled into the procedure room and Ian administered my pain/relaxation meds.  In all of the colonoscopies I’ve had, this one was the LEAST uncomfortable.  I didn’t believe Ian, but he told me that the most uncomfortable part would be when they pumped air into my stomach. I thought..um..yeah right.  But he was right.  I do remember groaning a bit, and I remember Ian putting his hand on my shoulder to comfort me, and me putting my hand on top of his. Aww it was romantic (yeah..no it wasn’t).

I closed my eyes and was pretty out of it for the most part, but I do remember opening my eyes and looking at the monitor and seeing the instrument in my colon. I remember hearing the doctor saying “take a sample” or something similar, then watching the instrument open, like the teeth of a mini Tyrannosaurus Rex, taking small snippets at my colon to be sent for a biopsy later on. Before I knew it, it was over.

I was in the recovery room for about 30 minutes.  My blood pressure was low at first- 94/60.  But it went up to 110/70, which was much better.  I bet my pressure was low because of a lack of food :\
My mom soon came in and it was soon time to go.  The nurse told me not to eat anything like broccoli, spinach, etc until the following day.  Mmmm..spinach and broccoli…ok..I supposed I can wait one more day for that.
My dad was waiting in the waiting room.  My dad bought me some tea from Timmy’s, and, oddly, chocolate timbits :\  This was to tide me over in the 25 minute car ride to Popeye’s chicken. Hahaha.

In the report the doctor gave me, he said he didn’t see anything immediately abnormal about my colonoscopy, but the samples taken would be sent off and tested just to make sure. So..I’ll wait for those results.

1 comment on “Post Colonoscopy

  1. I am glad that all went well with your test and you got good results. Yes, it is awful having to “fast” for two whole days, I remember it well!! lol I also hated the stuff I hate to drink, but did get it down except for a tiny bit. I too got good news with my testing.


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