My last blog entry had to do with the lesions that showed up on my kidney as per my CT Scan.  Well, shortly after that post, I got a call on my Easycall from the transplant secretary letting me know that my ultrasound date had been moved up to this Thursday. It ended up working out well as I planned to be at the hospital on Thursday anyways, as I was going to be at the hospital anyways visiting my friend Sadia so we could go out and have lunch after her own appointment. So, on Thursday morning, I went to the hospital to get my ultrasound done.

Sadia met me in the waiting room and we hung out for a bit. After they called me in, Sadia went off for her own appointment.

I gotta say, the gentleman who did my ultrasound was one of my favourites.  He was very vocal about what was going on, with encouraging “looks good” and “that looks great” throughout the ultrasound. I anxiously waited for him to get to my right native kidney region, sometimes asking him “did you see anything??” He chuckled and would say “we’re saving that for last!”

When he did get to that area, he mentioned that he did see something that looked like a cyst to him on my right kidney.  I’m not sure what the implications are for a cyst are if it is in fact a cyst, but I’ll wait to see what happens.  After he finished up, as usual, he told me that he was going to review the pictures with the doctor and perhaps be back.  After about 15 minutes, he did come back with a doctor who had a look of her own. She didn’t say much to me directly, but from what I could hear her saying to him, there appeared to be at least a few cysts that she had seen.

After I completed my ultrasound, I went down to where Sadia was having her appointment done.  The dreaded stent removal..everyone’s favourite.  After she was done, we went up so Sadia could pick up a prescription.  I was happy to go with her, so I could catch a glimpse of the gorgeous, spectacle wearing pharmacist who I have dubbed “Super Man”. I’m sure he has an “S” on his chest under that perfectly pressed button down shirt of his. While waiting for Sadia’s meds, we went to visit Julie, my former transplant coordinator.  I told her about “Super Man”, so she made sure to go over to the pharmacy and embarrass the mess out of me, since she wasn’t sure who “Super Man” was. Another pharmacist came a long and she caught wind of what was going on, so she joined in too along with the pharmacy technician who was behind the counter, laughing up a storm. I was so embarrassed that I had to run away and hide..!! But after I left, Sadia told me that the other pharmacist that came along thinks that Super Man just recently got engaged.  Ah well..I guess I’ll have to find another superhero…! Haha

Next, it was time to go to Eatons Centre for lunch and shopping.

For lunch, Sadia got a delicious looking crepe filled with veggies, while I got a spicy rice dish with chicken and plenty of veggies.

As for shopping, I bought a pair of everyday/casual sandals/flip flops, a pair of capri pants for work, a pair of workout pants, a belt, and a few shirts. I definitely bought more than I thought I would! haha. Sadia bought some nice blouses.  By 2:30, we where both ready to go home in order to avoid the rush hour crowd.

It was a productive and good day. Hopefully the results of the ultrasound come soon and we can figure out how to proceed.


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