So clearly I haven’t been the most efficient blogger as of late. But rest assured-I’m fine! 🙂

I’m trying to think about what has happened in the last month.

I went to see my bone doctor to see about my bone density’s progress. I did a bone density test, then the following week I went to see the doctor for my results. Overall, by bone density has increased by 16%! This can be attributed to a few things. My menstrual period returning right after transplant, my increased calcium intake, and going to the gym a whole bunch all helped! I’m pretty pleased with the results and can’t wait to do more!

I’ve continued on my gym journey and have been enjoying it! I eat pretty well too, but I still do have my vices: mostly sweets! If I managed to cut that out as well as have a better handle on portion control…I’d be amazing right now! LOL.  That said, I tried my VERY first spin class today at GoodLife-RPM. I loved it! First of all, the instructor Rachel was amazing. She came to help me with my bike and adjusted it as per her expertise of what my comfort would be. I was afraid I would even be able to make it 10 minutes in. Whenever I try to use a regular exercise bike at the gym, no matter how low the resistance, I find myself getting off and going back to the treadmill to do my usual brisk walking. But, with biking being a low impact workout, I really wanted to try it.

Now, WHY did I all of a sudden try it? My home gym is a women’s gym. While waiting for my Body Combat class to start on Saturday, one of the regulars told me about her workout routine and how it involved spinning classes.  I advised her of my apprehension about taking a spin class.  Since being sick, I have a lot of muscle wasting in my legs and therefore they are very weak. I was afraid that my lack of leg muscles wouldn’t be able to to last the workout.  One of the things I like about group classes is that…you don’t want to quit.  You’re in a group, and you want to keep up with everyone.  When I work out/do cardio on my own, it is a lot “easier” for me to throw in the towel. But in a group class..I push my limits! I was afraid of having to tap out during a group spin class.  The lady I was speaking to assured me that everyone is much too into their own workout to worry about what anyone else was doing.  Also, she let me know that I could adjust my resistance to as high or as low as I wanted-nobody would be monitoring me. Just go at your own pace!

Since she told me that on Saturday, I was determined to take a spin class. So, this morning,. I headed to the nearest co-ed Goodlife where spin classes were being offered. Boy, even though my legs feel like rubber…I loved it! I was definitely pourrring sweat! I will definitely be doing that again. I’m just upset that I waited so long to take one!

What else is new? I’m going on vacation! On Aug 9, I’m going on vacation! First, I’m going to San Jose to visit Sarah. Then, I’m connecting back to Toronto then over to London England to visit family! I look forward to it-can’t wait! What’s that I’m kinda upset that I haven’t been incorporating spin into my workouts all this time BEFORE my trip. Now I’ll have to wait until after I get back on Aug 22 to do more! Hehe

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