Day 1 Vacation!

Yesterday was my first day in San Jose. I love it here! The weather is good-long sleeve weather but you can still get away with shorts. Sarah and Shawn’s place is gorgeous. It’s an apartment but it looks more like a condo to me. There’s a pool, gym, workout room, ect. Yesterday after I arrived, we took some time to walk around the complex and check things out. It’s really lovely! I kind of regret not booking more time here!

After picking Shawn up from work, we went out to Mexicani Grill for dinner. I got tacos and a margarita. All delicious! Then we went to an area which is reminiscent of Yorkville or Rodeo drive. Very fancy and nice. There, we stopped and had dessert. I got a giant piece of chocolate cake which I didn’t even come close to finishing. It was delicious though!

Today we are going to head to San Francisco and do some “tourist-y” stuff. I look forward to tomorrow when we’re gonna do some serious shopping.
I have been uploading pictures to instagram, so you can check that out also. Bye for now!


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