I’ll admit that I’ve been tired and lazy and therefore I didn’t do anywhere near the amount of updating that I should have. But, I’ve been here in England since last week Wednesday. I’m going back home on Thursday morning, so tomorrow will be a day of packing and relaxing.

I got to do and see so many great things. I went to Buckingham Palace, The British Museum, Tower of London, Greenwich..so many great places! Of course, I took photos and documented everything, so follow me and/or take a peak at my instagram page for all of my best/favourite pictures from my adventures!

As for feelings of unwellness, I held out pretty well. I did get sick two days after arriving here in London. I bet it’s due in part to having spanned 8 hours in time zone as well as whatever I may have ate. I just stayed home that day and was pretty much good to go (in moderation) the following day.

I must say that I’m pretty proud of my joints over these past few weeks. I haven’t had any major aches or pains, but I have had some. This is definitely not bad, considering the vast amount of walking and trekking and commuting I’ve done, especially here in London. My knee and hip feel pretty good.

All in all, it has been a great two weeks and I am very glad that I was able to go on this vacation. I look forward to the vacations to come. I enjoy travelling on my own, but I hope that in the near future I’ll have a travel buddy. That always makes things interesting. Aside from travelling myself, I’ve never done any major travelling without my parents…so let’s see what the future holds where that is concerned! 

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