Yesterday was the kidney walk. Thankfully we were blessed with a beautiful day (hot, in fact) which made the walk all the more easy. 
My team consisted of my fellow former dialyzor, now kidney recipient friend Sadia, and Sadia’s lovely friend Zahrah. 
When we all arrived, we received our t-shirts, survival kits, and signs. On the sticky signs, we would write who we were walking for. This is what I wrote. 

I don’t know what the correlation is (if any), but ever since I got my fistula revised, my right knee has been especially angry. For this reason, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to complete the full 5km. There was a 2km option available as well, and I contemplated it, but we ended up walking the full 5km. 
This is team “Nephro Flow” (lame, I know”, with Zahrah on the left, me in the centre, and Sadz on the right. 

We headed off on our walk and ran into many friends along the way. This is a pic of Julie and I-she’s been my long time transplant coordinator and close friend. She’s lovely 🙂

We set off on our walk. In spite of my knee feeling a bit touchy, it held up for the entire 5km and I was pretty pleased about that 🙂 

It was a great walk, and I’m proud to say that the three of us raised $1765. Not bad for 3 people who started fundraising only a month or so before the event whereas some have been fundraising for twice as long!
This is myself, Tiffany (physiotherapy asstn), and Sadz

And of course, the two kidney recipients. 

And no better way to end the walk than to have some lunch with friends. 

T’was a good time and a good cause, and I hope to raise even more funds next year!

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