I removed the last of my steri strips from my arm yesterday. It seems as though my arm is healing relatively well. It’s scabby and dry from the scabs, but I don’t want to put any lotions or anything on it as I don’t want it to get irritated. 

These photos were taken immediately after the steri strips were removed yesterday. (below pics may be graphic for some)

Ok it actually looks kinda gross right now. But it’s dry, nothing is oozing anything, and I think that it’ll start looking much better as it heals further and the scabs fall off. 
What I DO see is a thing of beauty-a flat, soon to be smooth arm without a thrill. So yes, this is my arm after having my fistula removed. I’ll do another update on this in a week or two. 
In terms of pain-minimal. The main source of pain is when I straighten my arm when it hasn’t been straightened for an hour or so. It feels very stiff near my forearm near the inner bend of my elbow. I have continued to gently stretch it regularly throughout the day and this stiffness/soreness is slowly but surely resolving. 
At the walkathon the other day, one of the gentlemen there who spoke had received a kidney transplant and is celebrating 40 years with his transplanted organ this year. Wow. Here’s to him, and hopefully me having similar results. 

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