Update: it still hurts 😦

My knee is still pretty sore, especially if I don’t take my Tylenol in the morning to start my day. I usually don’t take it if I’m going to be home for the day. 
I will usually take 2 arthritis or 3 “muscle aches and body pain” Tylenol in the morning just as soon as I wake up so that it has kicked in by the time I’m ready to leave home. I will admit though…as the end of my work day draws near, I’ve noticed that my walk is less of a walk and more of a “The Walking Dead” zombie lurch. 
It’s unfortunate that I have to wait soo long for an appointment, so I’m hoping my body will be kind until then. It’s just hard to think that I’ll not only have to wait for the appointment, but the booking of the surgery after that will also require some sort of a wait. Crappy!

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