I went to Sephora today and got the color IQ thing done! This basically means that they take a special camera or something and it takes a pic of your skin in various places (head, chin, and temple) and it suggests makeup for your skin from different brands and the colours that work for your skin.

The following were the choices given to me as a suitable choice based on my “color IQ”

I found this color matching thing fascinating, as I’m always looking for a good color match.  For those in the know, finding foundation for darker skin tones can sometimes be a chore. Without the correct colour match, and also when the makeup begins to oxidize on our skin as the day goes on, the the probability of our skin looking “grey” is very real. Not cute.

That said, I didn’t feel that the above options would be suitable for me. First, when I came in to Sephora in the first place, it was actually because I wanted to return a product that I had purchased online days before. I had purchased a Lancome powder as suggested online within a forum for women who had the same skin colour as me based on the fact that we were both a colour match for Mac NW45 foundation/powder. The colour suggested was 510 suede (c). The name of the makeup was Lancome Dual Finish-Versatile Powder. When I decided to get on google and try to learn about cool skin tones vs warm skin tones, everything I saw online seemed to indicate that I actually have a warm skin tone and not a cool one.  Well, I just purchased makeup for cool skin tones! This simply won’t work!

Well, as you can see by the Lancome makeup in the last photo up there, the color IQ seems to indicate that I’m a cool skin tone too.  At this point, I should have just took the makeup I walked in with and left.  But I didn’t. I wanted to take the advice of the professionals!

Now, I told the very nice woman who did my color IQ that I have very oily skin, and I actually wanted a powder and not a cream based foundation. She still tried the Lancome 24H foundation listed above. She didn’t seem to like the way it looked on my skin, so she suggested another foundation by Nars. She said that it would dry to a powder finish, and would be good for my oily skin. I took her advice. It was a bit pricey, but I took advantage of the $20 coupon that Sephora had sent to me via email the other day.

When I got home, I got on google and searched the Nars product I bought (Nars Radiant Cream Compact Foundation. I bought the compact too, which was a separate cost). There was a resounding DON’T USE THIS IF YOU’RE AN OILY GIRL in the product’s reviews.

Annoyed! I’m not just oily-I’m downright GREASY. So after a bit of research, I decided that I would try out Kat Von D Lock-it Powder Foundation. I got to the store and had an associate pick out an appropriate colour for me. She went with Deep 72 in the Kat Von D Lock-it Powder. I’ve used it a few times-hopefully I’m not some strange shade of orange as the day goes on. We’ll see I guess haha.

I went to the cashier to return the Nars products and exchange them for the Kat Von D Lock-it Powder foundation. I expressed to the cashier that I hoped that I would get my $20 off of my new purchase, especially since I was kinda…steered in the wrong direction with the Nars. She assured me I would. Lo and behold-I got home and looked at my receipt-no such luck.

I called Sephora online who advised me to call the store I went to directly.  I spoke to a manager at the store who told me that there was nothing I could do since I paid for my purchase with my debit card. My ORIGINAL purchase of the Nars makeup was made on my credit card, but my new purchase was made on my debit card. She advised me to just come in any time and they could fixed it. I expressed my displeasure, and that I had no interest in coming in for a 3rd time to solve this. She advised me I could come back ANY time and there was no time limit. This did not make me feel better. I’m pretty much done my Christmas shopping and the idea of traipsing through the mall in December really doesn’t sound the greatest. The manager finally seemed to agree, and offered me a $30 gift card which she offered to send to me in the mail. I agreed. I haven’t received it yet, but we’ll see.

So that’s my sephora debacle.

That said, for those looking for (possible) NW45 equivalents, please see my color IQ above. I also use/have used/have been suggested to use the following products. I will continue to come back to this page to update it as I use new things:

Side note: I’ve found what I deem to be MY perfect nude lipstick for my NW45 skintone: Fresh Brew from Mac! Pair it with a lip pencil, though (this step is non-negotiable). I enjoy cork (very close in colour to Fresh Brew) and Chestnut (darker, but works GREAT too).

Kat Von D Lock-it Powder Foundation in Deep72 (currently use-this actually falls into the color IQ 1R13, whereas above in the photos I’m listed as a 1R14)

Lancome Dual Finish-Versatile Powder Makeup-510 Suede (c) (suggested but never used-will likely try it when the Kat Von D is done)

Iman Cream to Powder Foundation- Earth 3 (have used)
Iman Luxury Pressed Powder-Earth Dark (have used)

Valana Minerals Stardust Foundation-Gentle Amber or Red Amber, or a mix of both (have used)

NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation – Syracuse (suggested-but NOT for oily skin!)

Edit (April 2014): Revlon photo ready HD in Cappuccino works too (I’ve used it twice with no complaints..I bought it on sale for $14.00 CAD so I’m pretty happy about that). Edit (September 2014-I stopped using this because it didn’t photograph well-I guess it was the SPF in it?)

Edit (September 2014): Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover foundation in colour 178 Chestnut (love it-currently use)
Kiss New York Aqua BB Cream in Medium Dark (this is my every day foundation now-I get mucho compliments when I wear this bb cream-a little goes a long way. A pea size dab should be more than enough)

Edit: Sephora sent me a gift card and other goodies in the mail. Oh fine, all is forgiven lol. 

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2 comments on “Sephora Debacle and Color IQ

  1. I loooved reading this! I'm 34 and have lupus. I'm a makeup fanatic and it seems my thing on makeup is deeper than others….except you lol! Just happy to hear somebody else's voice I can relate to with a same interest too. This the first one I read so I will be all up in this blog! Thank you so much for sharing just a simple day of yours. I went in sephora and was overlooked on purpose it seems. I purchased just to prove a point, stupid but I did. I walked out with a smirk but don't think they cared. Oh well….. Thanks again


  2. Haha Marie Allen-your comment cracked me up! Thank you for your comment on my blog-I'm glad you liked it! I should really update this entry as I'm now currently using makeup forever foundation and I love it! In fact, I love it so much I wanna marry it. Yeah, I see marriage in our future. 😉 thanks again for reading! Xo



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