It seems like time is just flying by these past couple of weeks.  I’ve been keeping myself busy; I’ve been working a lot of overtime since around November. We’re very busy!

My knee surgery date is coming up. I’m trying to get things in order before I am essentially banished to home (and my outpatient physio) for the next little while. I really want to get a pedicure before the surgery date, but the listed instructions do state that ALL nail polish should be removed prior to surgery. I could understand fingernails…but would a little pink on my toes make THAT much of a difference?? Oh well-I had better not risk it. I’d hate to have my lovely pink nail polish scraped off after less than a week. Maybe I’ll just wait and treat myself after I have the surgery and I am sufficiently healed.

I’m not scared or worried about the surgery, especially since I’ve had many other surgeries. I’m more just looking forward to getting it done and healing properly. I cannot convey how much I miss going to the gym. I really look forward to taking up HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) and incorporating it into my workouts. I look forward to spinning, and BodyCombat…and throwing some weights around. When it comes to HIIT, I had looked at it before, but there was much that I couldn’t do because of my knee (burpees, etc). I’m hoping that after surgery I’ll be more equipped to do such things. I also need to work on symmetry and building up my right leg muscles. I’ve had to favour my right knee during my weight training, and for that reason my left leg/thigh is much stronger, physically and visually, than my right.

After I had my hip replaced, I felt so much better and was able to do so much more. I look forward to the same results with my right knee. Now, my surgeon did say that physio was going to be a bit brutal and I’d have to make sure to really keep up with it. I’ll make sure to push as much as I can so I can get stronger and heal quickly…as well as maintain a good range of motion.  And, you know me..I’ll keep up with pictures.

And yes, I know that Fistula Fridays and Stomach Scar Sundays fell totttally to the wayside. Blah! I’ll post an update eventually…promise.  I DID see my plastic surgeon today and he’s very pleased with the results. Now all I have to do is keep up with my silicone strips and get an awesome 6 pack so I can show off my now barely there scar! 🙂


3 comments on “The day is getting closer!

  1. Hi Florence,

    Do you have ant tips or advice before and after hip replacement. Would appreciate your input.



  2. Hey Joshna!
    Here are some things that helped me for my hip replacement.
    Just make sure that your home is in order so you can get around easily, since you cannot bend over to pick things up and you certainly don't want to trip. Also make sure that the things you need within your room are at arm's length.
    Do as much laundry as possible beforehand. Make sure you get the toiletseat thing. Go grocery shopping before surgery and make sure you have things in the freezer too for easy access.

    After surgery, be sure to keep up with your breathing exercises (they'll show you) and your physio. The success of your joint replacement is very much contingent on you keeping up with your physio. Take your time, and if you're walking and feel tired, take a break/stop walking for a few moments, then continue. The physiotherapists get you on your feet pretty soon after surgery (maybe one day). You may feel like you're not ready, and your hip will collapse if you try to walk on it. I did. Not because it hurt or anything..I just felt like it was too soon! Trust me-it's all in your head.

    That's all I can think of! You know that you can always email me at my direct email address as listed on my contact page if you ever have any questions!

    Do you have a date scheduled for hip replacement or something?



  3. Thanks Florence, that's really helpful. I don't have a date for hip replacement. I just got an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. I have to wait to see what he says. The Reumatologist says my hip doesn't look too good. So we'll see what happens. Take care. Good luck on your knee replacement.



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