Ok, I know, I’ve (again) been slightly MIA these past few weeks- but I definitely had to hop on today to talk about a great book that’s coming out soon.

It’s called Fabulupus! What’s better is that a friend of mine is one of the writers! I had the opportunity to read a few chapters from this book, and I was really impressed.  As a teenager, when I was diagnosed with lupus, so many different things ran through my mind. I had no idea what the future had in store! Would I be able to work? Would I be able to finish school? What about relationships and life in general? Of course, being the person that I am, I turned to and read different books focused on lupus in an attempt to gain some insight into these concerns of mine.  While there were many books out there with a great deal of information, not many were geared towards ME as a young person. There were books geared towards the very young (like children) and for adults (married with children). As a teenager, there’s so much to worry about as it is, never mind adding lupus on top of it. I wish I could have found a book that was “written by us, for us”, so to speak.
Well, look no further, as Fabulupus is exactly that! What’s cool about this book is that it’s written by people who have (and do) experience the same struggles as I (and many of you, I’m sure!) did back then. 
Fabulupus is an easy to read guide, both for people with and without lupus.  The information in Fabulupus is practical, useful, encouraging, and fun! It reinforces the fact that life does not end with lupus-you can have lupus and still go on to do great things in life and continue to fulfil your dreams.
This book touches on important subjects that are catered not only to teenagers, but to young people all the way up to those in their 30s+. It discusses topics like school, working/careers, travel, etc. I wish I had a resource like this when I was younger, as sometimes I just felt alone and didn’t know what the future would hold for me. Even as a 30-something year old, I still have those moments and thoughts of uncertainty. Having the support of your family and friends while coping with lupus is absolutely great, but there’s something comforting about having someone who has experienced your struggles first hand say “Hey-I’ve been there..and it’s gonna be okay”.
Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

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