So as I’ve mentioned many times, I went back to school and took HR. Finding an HR role has been difficult to say the least, but I’ve certainly been looking.

Recently, a few entry level HR roles have come up within my current place of employment. I’ve applied for them and have put my best foot forward. So, I’d ask you to keep me in your thoughts. Cross your fingers, pray, whatever it is that you do…please do that for me!

You know, I’ve been here looking for a new role for a while now, as I really feel like it’s time for me to get out of what I’m doing right now. I’ve been doing what I do now (CSR) for nearly 11 years…and I think it’s time to move on.  But, at the same time, I feel almost…paralyzed with fear when it comes to moving to another department, or another job.

I’m afraid of getting sick. A day here and there isn’t bad. But lupus is so unpredictable, and my hemoglobin levels have been less than stellar these days. I really, REALLY want to get out of what I’m doing right now, but, I know that if for whatever reason I had to take time off from my current role due to illness, my role would still be there for me when I return.

I know that It’s not really a good idea to live in the “what ifs”, and just go for what you want. But, when you have a chronic illness, it’s always something that lingers in the back of your mind. The last thing I want to do is fail, or have to give up my role. All I can do it my best, I suppose, and hope that wherever I end up has management and colleagues as understanding as they are in my current role.

Wish me luck.



2 comments on “Wish Me Luck?

  1. I've been looking for a new job too and I've been worried as well. My lupus has been stable but it is so unpredictable. I'm hoping to work part time, but as a I am a physician I need to be accessible to patients which could mean nights and weekends as well. I wish you best of luck and know things will work out for the best.


  2. Hello Patient Doc,

    Thank you so much for your post. The unpredictability of lupus is what scares me the most about pursuing another opportunity. I really want to secure a role in HR, but am afraid of falling ill and being unable to perform the job I was hired to do 😦 I part time job would be ideal, but I really want to start putting some (real) money aside for my own home 😦

    Best of luck to you too-I hope we can both find the ideal working situations for ourselves, whatever they may be 🙂



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