More often than not, I like getting a Brazilian wax done. I appreciate the “bareness”, especially when it’s “that time of the month”. It also goes without saying that the boyfriend appreciates it too.

But, let’s be honest. It kinda hurts. It actually kinda hurts more than “kinda”. I have sensitive skin. Whenever I get a Brazilian wax done, aside from ripping out the hair, the wax also takes bits of my skin with it, causing bleeding and…well…searing pain.  Hahah.

There is really only one place that I go and get my waxing done, and that’s at aroma waxing ( A few years ago when I built up the nerve to get some waxing done, I did my google research and found aroma. It was relatively nearby and all of the reviews that I had read were really quite good. For a sensitive area like “down there”, I’d prefer to have people who are used to doing this regularly…you know, as opposed to going to the nail shop or somewhere like that to get it done. Anyhow, after continuing my research on Aroma, I realized that they provide one of a few services for free for your first visit. Some of the choices were an underarm wax, upper lip, or a bikini line wax. Well…perfect. I booked my appointment for a free bikini wax.

When I got there, it was very nice inside and very clean as well. I was called in about 5 minutes after I arrived, which was great. After coming here a few times I soon realized that they always honour the appointment time that you made. No waiting around for service at Aroma. In fact, I’ve come a bit early on a few occasions and have been able to sneak in earlier than my appointment.


“I’m scared as shit” is basically what I told the lady that would be doing my waxing. She calmed my fears by saying it wouldn’t be terrible. She didn’t waste time-everything was quick quick quick. Put that leg here. Pull here. Open here. Stretch there. Did it hurt? Yes. Did I like the result though? Yes. Was the pain worth it? Well…yes.

Since then, I’ve been back several times for Brazilian waxes. But, last week, while perusing the Aroma website, I noticed a different kind of waxing called “Nufree” waxing. Apparently this kind of waxing is made of all natural ingredients. It only adheres to the actual hair and not the skin. It was a little bit more expensive, but not much. I think it was $50 in total. I had tried sugaring before and I found it to be equally as painful as waxing, with the difference being that sugaring takes longer haha.

Anyhow, I went to do the Nufree. Everything that I read was true. It was less painful and it was just as quick as a Brazilian wax…which Aroma staff can usually complete in approximately 7 minutes. Before beginning, the lady doing the waxing for me asked if I had tried the Nufree before, which I hadn’t. She reiterated some of the things I read online, including that it was less painful, it would only adhere to the hair and not my skin, etc. She also mentioned that the Nufree would feel hotter than the regular wax. She was right-the Nufree definitely felt hotter than the regular wax and I was concerned that I might get burnt, but that wasn’t the case. I also did not have any bleeding or anything like that. After getting waxed, there was a tube of a cream called finipil, which helped soothe my skin after the wax. It felt warm and tingly when I put it on, as my pores were still open from having just been waxed. It wasn’t unpleasant-it was more of a soothing feeling. I had purchased a tube of finipil during a previous visit to Aroma.

So to conclude-would I do it again? Yes-Nufree will be what I will request from now on when I get my next wax. The reduction in pain (note I said reduction, not “elimination”) alone is enough for me to pay a few extra bucks to get it done. So next time you’re getting some waxing done, try out Nufree if your waxing place has it. Compare it to a regular wax…or if you were a chicken like me and have never experienced a wax yet but are interested in doing so, go for the Nufree first.


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