It has been two months since I started working at my new job…and time sure does fly! I’m pretty well versed in all of the tasks, though I’m still learning every day which is great. Being in this environment is so rewarding.  It feels good being on a team where your presence makes a distinct difference. I’m so used to being in a role where I perform tasks similar to hundreds of other people, and the contribution that you make often gets lost. In my two months at my current job, I’ve already received 7 emails of thanks from my co-workers-2 from my colleagues, one from my immediate manager, one from a senior manager, one from a director, and 2 from senior directors (one of them being my one-up boss) . I didn’t know (or have forgotten) what it feels like when someone acknowledges the fact that you went out of your way to find a solution to the problem they’re having.

Earlier this month, I started a once a week course of IV iron which lasted 3 weeks in total. I’ve been feeling really tired and getting up in the morning was becoming increasingly difficult. I’ve been fighting through it, as after I get up, get myself ready, and prepare to get out of the door, I feel better. But I’ve taken up drinking coffee, something I’ve never gotten into before. In my previous role, I’d have likely called in sick if I felt this way. Being glued to a desk and dealing with people would simply be too difficult. Also, people rely on me in my current role. If I wasn’t there…lots could and would go wrong.

So after completing this 3 week course of iron, I waited until this past week to do bloodwork. What I found was that my hemoglobin was still low. Honestly, I didn’t need a blood test to tell me this; I could feel it.

This weekend, Greg and I went to the Ex on Friday after I finished work. We got there around 5pm, and by 8pm I was so done. We got home and were pretty much in bed and asleep by 10pm.

The next day, we woke up and were on the road to Innisfil. Greg’s parents are away on vacation so he’s watching the dogs. We got to Innisfil, went shopping, and marinated the meat we bought for the barbecue we would have for dinner. Greg went outside to water the tree/lawn, so I went to lie down on the couch and cuddle with Primo. Before I knew it, I was full out sleeping.

Later on, we had our barbecue, took a shower, then hopped into bed. It was 8:30pm! By 9:30 or so we were both out cold.

The next day (today) we went to Nandos for an early dinner then came back home. We went to bed just to lie down with the dogs…again, fell asleep for an hour.

I called my nurse and left her a message asking her to look into my bloodwork to see what can be done to raise my hemoglobin, because this tiredness is getting to me!

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