It has been just over a year since I started my role in HR. So, what’s the deal?

My role focuses on supporting the Talent Acquisition team. What that means is that I (along side my wonderful colleague) are responsible for the onboarding and offboarding of all new HR employees. This includes making sure that the new hire (or transfer in from another department) has all of the equipment he or she needs to be successful in their role. Laptop, headset, mouse, keyboard, passcard, system access, RSA token (used to log into the CIBC network from home, library, etc) ordering blackberry devices…these are just some of the things that we manage as it relates to onboarding. 
The offboarding process, as you have probably guessed, is pretty much the opposite of that-making sure equipment is collected upon the employee’s departure, removing system access, cancelling passcards, etc. 
This is one small part of our role. My colleague and I have a divide and conquer arrangement. There are 3 different e-mailboxes that we manage. One of the business support mailbox (the one stop shop mailbox-if anyone has a question that they don’t know the answer to, they send an email here. The careers mailbox (I manage this. This mailbox receives emails from applicants with questions or concerns). My colleague manages the referrals mailbox (if a CIBC employee refers someone to the bank and that person gets hired, the employee is eligible for a bonus between 500 and 5000 dollars). 
Other things that we do-I do the TA team’s organizational charts and the talent acquisition partner listing (an up to date list of all the Talent Acquisition Partners, aka Recruiters, currently on the team). My colleague managers the Business Continuity Plan, which essentially is a plan that we have in place in case of an emergency. It ensures that all managers have the contact information of their employees, and it ensures that every employee is reachable so that they can be told where to go or where to meet if there is an emergency. 
We also work on various projects…like…we are probably working on 10 projects between us!
When I started this role, I came in as a temporary employee. My contract is technically up in mid August. But, a permanent position has now come up. Unfortunately, I am not ‘guaranteed’ the role. I still have to apply for it like everyone else. I still have to be interviewed (my interview is on Tuesday..) I can’t imagine what kind of question I’ll be asked that I don’t know the answer to. It’s pretty much impossible. 
One of the…unfortunate parts about this whole situation is this: if/when I get this role, I am now considered ‘new’ as it relates to our global hiring policy. That means that I’ll have to be in this role for another year, minimum, before I can apply/look at other roles. But at the end of the day, I’ll just be thankful to remain in HR. Nothing is guaranteed, so I have applied for a few other roles too…all of which are temporary…obviously a permanent role would be better as it would allow me to really feel comfortable. 
I’ll let you know how my interview goes (lol) and what happens with the other roles I apply for. 

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