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Hip Hip Hooray…No. (Part 2)

Nothing says “Good morning” like a good ol’ hip tap, wouldn’t you agree?

The transport team arrived promptly in the morning to take me to get my hip tapped. When I got there, the technologist told me everything that he would be doing. I asked him if it would hurt. He said that the freezing would probably hurt, but the actual tapping of my hip shouldn’t hurt.

He explained that he would be attempted to draw fluid out of my hip so that it could be tested for an infection. If he was unable to get any fluid to come out, he would push some saline into the joint and draw THAT out and get it tested.

I yelped the second I felt him touch me; it was just the tip of his pen. I yelped again when I felt him touch me; it was just the solution he was using to clean the area.

Eventually, after having been warned, he did stick me a few times to freeze the area. Yes, it hurt.

The actual tapping of the hip didn’t actually hurt…the pressure just felt…uncomfortable.

It didn’t take long.

I got back to my room and my mom came shortly thereafter. She brought me breakfast. I can’t actually remember what it was because I was still whimpering from the hip stab.

Later on in the afternoon, doctor came by to let me know that the final results would take a few days. By this time, my hip started to feel better and I was able to walk with minimal pain. I really wasn’t interested in staying in the hospital any longer.

The lady I was sharing a room with had just been sent home (didn’t you have 2 seizures just last night..?)

The doctor, to my surprise, said I could go home. He asked for my cell phone number so that he could text me if anything urgent came up.

I got Chinese food for dinner.

The following day, I checked online for the preliminary results: no infection/bacteria found.

I had a few appointments with the surgeon that did my hip surgery. Nothing of note. I was already “better”.

The final results of the hip tap came back: no infection/bacteria.

So…I really don’t know what happened to my hip or why. But I’m glad it’s gone.

At least there was a positive that came out of all of this…I got Maker Pizza.


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