As the cold weather begins to rear it’s ugly head, so has my achy hip and knees.

Luckily these annoyances haven’t caused me too much pain, but I am very much aware that the pain is there, especially first thing in the morning.

Tylenol arthritis has been bae for the last few weeks. Speaking of which, when looking at the amount of active ingredient on my Tylenol bottle, it said 650mg. I could swear that Tylenol arthritis used to be 750mg. Gimme my full force drugs…medicine people!

Otherwise, I’m very much looking forward to this holiday season. Surprisingly, I’ve made a pretty solid dent in my Christmas list so I’m pretty happy about that.

What makes me even happier is the fact that I’m spending another year with my wonderful boyfriend. Can’t wait to call him my fiancĂ© (Greg-are you reading this?) lol. No he talks about it often, so hopefully there will be a ring in my future in the next few months.

That’s it for now-it’s almost 7pm. Myself and Greg are pretty much senior citizens and we go to sleep relatively early.

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