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Lauren’s Hope – ID Bracelet Review

As you might imagine, wearing a medical id bracelet is key for someone like myself who has medical conditions. Thankfully, nothing has ever happened where someone else needed access to looking at my bracelet, but of course, you never know.

Being from Canada, there is a leading medical ID bracelet company that most people would get their bracelets/necklaces, etc. from. However, I found that all of their bracelets lacked space for me to put all of the…”conditions” that I wanted to put on the back of the bracelet. For that reason, I did some research. After a short while, I came across Lauren’s Hope.

When I reviewed the Lauren’s Hope website, I was met with a plethora of beautiful and stylish bracelets and jewelry. After some consideration, I went with a rose gold bracelet with a sophisticated pendant and a stylish chain.

During the purchasing process, there was a choice between standard engraving and “premium” engraving. The premium engraving had an additional cost to it, however, should an emergency occur, I believed that a bracelet with the “premium” engraving would be easier to read in a moment full of panic and confusion.

Anyhow, all in all it was a pricy purchase with the additional costs, i.e. shipping, the currency exchange, etc., but I was more than willing to pay these extra costs for a bracelet I’d be wearing every day.

When the bracelet arrived, it was, just as I expected; beautiful! I was so glad that I could find a bracelet that could be both functional and chic!

After wearing the bracelet for a while, I noticed a crucial issue. Each link in the bracelet has a little gap. This gap has gotten caught on a number of things. I have ripped out strands of hair after it has become caught in the links of the bracelet. I have had the bracelet break and go flying across the floor of the bus after it has gotten caught in the mesh on the straps of my backpack. It has snagged my clothes, mostly in public. I do my best to nonchalantly unhook myself when this happens, but I have ruined one sweater with this bracelet.

The gap in this link is a bit larger than the rest, but only because it has gotten caught in things, broke, and then I’ve had to use pliers to close the gap

Super disappointing, as I really do like this bracelet. However, I thought this was important for people to consider when choosing which bracelet they wanted to buy. For that reason, I left a review on the Lauren’s Choice website. After leaving the review back in March, I realized that all reviews have to be approved/reviewed before they are posted. The review process seems to be quite long, as we are now in the beginning of May and the review is yet to be posted.

My hair stuck in one of the links of the bracelet


I did message Lauren’s Choice to let them know about the bracelet. My 6 month warranty period is over, however they did offer me the option to ship the bracelet back to them and get the bracelet repaired (for $35). Here’s the thing: this isn’t a repair issue; this is an issue with the way the bracelet was made. I politely declined said offer, as that would probably be about $50 Canadian with the way exchange rates have been.

In the end, while I do think that this is a really pretty bracelet, I’d have thought twice if I knew about the link gaps. I’m not sure if changes have since been made to the bracelet since I have gotten it. In the meantime, if you fear having your hair, necklace, clothing, etc. ripped off/out, maybe take a look at some of the other offerings on the Lauren’s Choice site.


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