A few days ago I emailed my doctor, Dr. Fortin, to ask if he could take a look at my x-ray results and see if they showed anything where my ankle was concerned. Unfortunately he told me that there were no significant changes within my x-ray, and if it was in fact some sort of inflammation or tendonitis it would not show up on the x-ray. He said that we would continue to keep an eye on it, and if it continued to be bothersome that I should come and see him earlier in clinic. Nuts…I was kind of hoping that the x-ray would show SOMETHING so that we’d know how to proceed. Well, like he said, we’ll just have to wait and see.

A few days ago, my fellow Lupus friend Nicole sent me a youtube link via facebook. This youtube link has several doctors and hospital workers discussing the impact that some of the work and research done through UHN (University health network, which includes Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, and Princess Margaret Hospital) has made globally.

Watching the video was great, especially since a few of my doctors are in the video.

Dr. Irish – I saw/met Dr. Irish back in November or so of 2007. I met him at Princess Margaret Hospital when I went to the ENT clinic to have the cyst that had developed on my inner lip looked at. Another doctor removed the cyst, but Dr. Irish was the one who basically checked my lip after the cyst was removed to make sure it was removed properly. I also came back about a week later to see him, which is when he told me that the cyst in my mouth was checked and there wasn’t anything cancerous within the cyst (Thank God…!) All this time I thought he was an ENT doctor….I didn’t know he was an oncologist.

Dr. Okrainec – Remember the horror stories I discussed concerning having a perforated bowel? Well, the amazing (and very young looking) Dr. Okrainec is the doctor who was paged to come to the hospital and perform the emergency surgery on my intestine. He is also the doctor who closed up my colostomy about 6 months later. He is also the doctor who blushed bashfully when I called him “my hero” a few short days after he performed my first surgery.

Dr. Chan – Dr. Chan was the doctor who followed me when I was doing my home hemodialysis training. Dr. Chan is great because he’s so attentive. He is also the doctor that suggested that I do the gastric emptying test to see if they could try and figure out why I was having so many stomach problems while on dialysis. Great guy and he’s just super easy to talk to.

So below is the video. Look for the above three doctors when watching! 🙂


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