So it’s been 7 days since I’ve received and started using RX for brown skin. I just washed my face and decided to take my day 7 pics. While I was using it, I thought that my skin looked less dull and more alive. Since it has only been 7 days, there isn’t much difference. I noticed that some parts of my skin looked better, whereas other parts (such as around my chin) seemed to perhaps be more broken out. I do understand that often times skin does get slightly worse before getting better when started out a new skin care regime, so I remain optimistic for even greater results.

As I may or may not have stated, this skin care line isn’t available in Canada for purchase so I ordered it from Sephora via the internet. My sister went to Las Vegas recently and bought me an SPF 15 Cream which is also from the rx for brown skin care line, so I’ve also been using that in conjunction with the other products since last week wednesday (5 days).

You’ll also notice that my skin looks a little red/pink in the Day 7 pictures. The moisturizer has Salicylic acid in it which would be the reason my skin is red, and also the reason that my skin feels tingly after I put the lotion on. It may also be the fact that I put a small dot of the moisturizer in my hand and also a small dot of the spf cream in my hand, blend them together, then apply it to my face. Perhaps the combination of both is what is causing the redness and the tingling. The redness goes down pretty quickly. I’m also still using tazorac on my skin in the evening time after washing and moisturizing.

I’ve seen at least 3 different dermatologists in my lifetime and none of them have ever asked me to use a toner. In fact, one told me that it simply wasn’t necessary. At the same time, his recommendations were the least effective for me. At any rate, I at first thought that I would use the entire rx skin care regime as directed, however I’d only use the toner once a day. I then decided against it. If I’m going to give an accurate portrayal of my experiences with this skin care line, I feel that it is important to utlize the product as directed.

I love the skin cleanser. I really like the feeling of using a foaming face wash that actually lathers up. It makes my skin feel really clean without making it feel dry or tight. I’ve also noticed a slight reduction in the oil slick that is my skin by mid day. It’s still a bit oily, but not nearly as oily as before. I’ve especially noticed that my skin gets super oily after a few hours of applying makeup, but that has subsided as well. I saw a picture of myself with make up on while in a club this past Saturday and my skin did not look super shiny as it normally would in such a picture…especially in a hot club!

So far so good. I’ll take another set of pictures and put them up next week. Check out the pictures below:

Day 1
Day 7

Day 1Day 7

DAY 1 Day 7

4 comments on “RX for Brown Skin- Day 7

  1. Thank you for thinking of others and not yourself in creating this website. I just started using the RX for Brown Skin 4 days ago. It’s still early but I am praying that this is the last solution for my skin. After reading your page, I realize(more than before) that my small acne problem really is as small as it seems. My aunt is dealing with breast cancer and to see her still able to smile, hold her head up, and live, I know acne should not be a concern for me. I’m 23 yrs old and I’m healthy and find myself depressed and down about my skin. Here you are in your twenties, dealing with Lupis and still have confidence, a smile, and life. Thank you for the encouragement and motivation. God is blessing you and you ain’t seen nothing yet. Believe me, he has something instore for you… receive it. Thanks again. God bless you.


  2. Keenya,Amen and thank you so much for your wonderful comments! I don't want you to feel bad or guilty for being down and out about your skin. Sometimes I used to feel guilty about feeling down about my illness when I'd go through the hospital and see people going through things much worse than I.As you said, all we can do is continue being positive, continue doing the things that make us happy, and most importantly, continue praying!As for my skin, what I currently use is Clenziderm by obagi. If you look at my blog history and click on one of the clenziderm or obagi links, I have a link which will lead you to the ebay site where I buy my clenziderm as it tends to be expensive elsewhere. I too had very stubborn and treatment resistent acne…and now, while I still get the minor blemish here and there, I'm quite happy with my skin!Continued blessings to you. I hope you continue reading and I hope you'll keep in touch!!<3


  3. Anonymous

    Hey, Thanks for the detailed review! I live in Canada and I really wanted to order a few products from this line too but obviously, it isn’t available here. So I just wanted to clarify how you went about ordering it…i wasn’t sure from your post so just wanted to ask…do you also live in Canada, and did you order it through the Sephora website? Cuz i called sephora and they said u can order it through the website but it may or may not be allowed through i was confused. Also, how much did shipping cost? Thanks a lot 🙂


  4. Hi Anonymous,Thank you for your comment! I do live in Canada and I did get my rx for brown skin from, which is essentially the same as the regular sephora website. I paid $9.95CAD in shipping charges and didn’t have to pay any additional duty/taxes upon receipt of my package. Sephora shipped it thru canadapost borderfree, and therefore there were no additional taxes or duty to be paid.I received my package no problem and it wasn’t ceased by customs or anything. That idea didn’t cross my mind to be honest. Good luck! 🙂


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