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RX for Brown Skin- Day 28…!

First of all, I’d like to say that my camera is somewhere (probably in another purse) and I do not feel like searching for it right now. I’ll post pics later.

Next, I’d like to apologize for how long it took me to finally post this blog. I’m sure plenty of you are wondering about RX for brown skin, how effective it is, etc.

Well, let me say this. I’m sure that RX for brown skin works really well for some, but for me, so far it’s just sustaining. By sustaining, I mean that my skin has probably gotten slightly better, but nothing dramatic. I know most skin care regimes recommend a 6-8 week waiting period….so I remain patient. In fact, I’m actually pleased with the fact that RX for brown skin has been sustaining my skin for me. In the past, products that I’ve used not only didn’t help at all, but they actually made my skin worse. That being said, I’ll continue to use rx for brown skin for now. Perhaps if it helps maintain my skin and I suffer fewer breakouts, my current scars will also begin to fade and my skin will smooth out.

While I plan to continue to use RX for brown skin in the mornings, I have ordered a different skin care regime that I will begin to use in the pm. The name of that system is the Obagi Clenziderm M.D. Acne Therapeutic System. It came recommended. For the most part, this product requires a doctor’s prescription, however I was able to find it only (ebay) without a prescription. There is another skin care system by Obagi named Obagi Nu-derm, however after reading some of the reviews for that product, it seemed very harsh and strong, whereas the Clenziderm seemed effective but not as harsh.

Geeze, I hope I don’t end up poor before I find something that actually works exceptionally well for me….poor and still with bad skin! LoL.

My Clenziderm should be coming anyday now in the mail. I should mention that it came recommended from one of the readers of my blog. She commented under my Prednisone entry. Knowing that a fellow prednisone user has success with it is encouraging. Of course I know that everyone’s skin is different, but I do hope that my skin ends up being receptive to Obagi.

2 comments on “RX for Brown Skin- Day 28…!

  1. Anonymous

    Hello, thanks for the review on Rx for Brown skin! I have been researching it as I’m considering it. I was hoping that it would give dramatic effects, but like you’ve stated there is still a few weeks to go before full effects are seen. I hope you find something soon that works well for your skin!


  2. Anonymous

    Hello young sistah,I just have to ask one question, “Do you feel it wise to mix products am/pm they way you intend to?” and, “If this Obaga product requires a prescription, aren’t you forgoing the proper route there?” I ask these questions due to the fact that #1 your outcome may not be either what you anticpated nor desire, #2 if and when you see a more noticable improvement you won’t know which product to credit and #3 and this is by far the most important, if Obaga “needs” a pre-script and assuming you are taking meds for lupus, it may clash with your meds, your Dr. should approve of and have knowledge of that product! You are a very beautiful young lady, keep in mind that your skin is an organ and what you put on it absorbs into your system. In short, please reconsider use of that product until you see your Dr.ADW


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