In October of last year, I went to the 3rd annual “‘Flare’ for Fashion” fashion show.

Anyone who suffers from or is aware of Lupus knows that ‘Flare’ for fashion is a play on words in that whenever one is not in remission and has active Lupus, it’s referred to as a Lupus Flare. This fashion show was developed not only to help raise awareness about this debilitating disease, but also to raise money for the UofT Lupus Clinic: Lupus Research Databank Program which is located in Toronto Western Hospital. Much research is needed not only to help develop new and effective treatment for lupus patients and education/support for their families, but perhaps even find the answers needed to help find a cure.

The fashion show consists of dinner, silent auctions, singers, dancers, and of course, an elaborate fashion show. I found out about the event for the first time last year and thought it would be a great thing to attend. I’m glad that I did.

As luck would have it (or, obviously, lack thereof), just a few moments before the show ended, the lingering stomach ache that I already had began to intensify, so my sister and I headed for the door a bit early. Perhaps that was a good thing because the parking lot was already jam packed even though we left early.

The beginning of the fashion show was very touching. At the beginning of the show, a large screen displayed a video of various lupus patients of all ages talking about the battles they endure on a regular basis because of this disease.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve officially been recruited by Diana Bozzo, the president of the Lupus Flare Foundation. Myself, along with 4 other Lupus patients, will be involved in the recording of this year’s video which will consist of us discussing our life experiences where lupus is concerned. This year’s Flare for Fashion show will take place on October 15, 2008 at the Liberty Grand. For more information on the Lupus Flare Foundation and/or Flare for Fashion, check out the Flare for Fashion website by clicking here.

I really look forward to participating in Flare for Fashion this year! I’ll obviously discuss further when the date approaches!

2 comments on “Flare for Lupus Fashion Show – October 15 2008!

  1. hey there … keep me posted on the Flare for Fashion event, of which you’re participating. I heard about it for the first time last year, and mentioned it on the LFA’s blog. Since I also know you, I’d love to be able to mention the event, and you, again. Let me know. And congrats on the recruitment. Sounds pretty cool to me.Wick


  2. Hey Wick,Sorry I forgot to respond to this sooner. I’ll definitely keep you posted of the happenings of the Flare for Fashion event. And you never have to ask to mention me in the LFA blog! 🙂


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