I have these little aches and pains everywhere.

Well, not everywhere.

My lower back and my feet. I have some MRI’s coming up because of this pain. Well, I have one MRI of my head. That MRI is a follow up MRI because the last MRI of my head occurred just after I made a full recovery from my “I’m suddenly and randomly paralyzed” episode. It was normal then, and my rhumy wants to ensure it’s still normal now.

The 2nd MRI is of my ankle. My ankle and feet have been hurting on and off for a few weeks now as I had mentioned previously. An MRI will show whether or not I’m developing avascular necrosis in my ankle. However I’m experiencing pain in both of my feet now.

The other day, I remembered that I still have some prepaid massages left at the clinic near my house so I decided to get a massage of my lower back. I got my massage yesterday afternoon. While the 1/2 flew by as if it had only been 10 minutes, it was still great and my back feels much better already. My massage therapist, Julie, applied heat to my back while doing the massage. It was so great that I scheduled another one on Thursday.

I also decided to try out some acupuncture again. They say that acupuncture is good for many ailments, aches and pains and such, so I decided to give it a go again. The last acupuncture that I got was from a naturopathic doctor, however I haven’t been to that clinic in a long while, and since I’m already going to this particular clinic, why not? I will also resume my water therapy/physiotherapy as well.

I’m hoping that I’ll begin to feel a lot better prior to my up and coming trip to England. I can’t wait for the trip. I plan to chronical every bit of my trip and also take lots of pictures of the dialysis unit I’ll be going to in London. I’ll take lots of pictures obviously too.

I probably won’t have access to a computer while in England, and if I do, I probably won’t have time to write a blog entry the way I’d like to. My plan will be to jot down all of my plans in a book, then when I return home, I’ll back date the entries for everyday of my trip.

I’ll definitely keep a log of how my treatments (massage, acupuncture, physio) are going.

4 comments on “Ahh…Massages are Grand

  1. A massage and a big trip planned! I’m jealous – will be looking for details. I really like Rick Steves guidebooks and if you’re interested in seeing some of the museums then check out Mona Winks – his guidebook to European museums that provides very informative best two hour tours. It easy to get burned out on sights; his guide books help to get the most out of visits. Have fun!


  2. Wow Miz Flow, the trip to England sounds great. I can’t wait to hear more about it.Sorry to hear you are experiencing pain in your ankles/feet. But it’s good that you’ve got a good doc who is prepared to do MRI’s to check it out. I have my first visit to the rheumatogist in November (earliest I could get in). So I’m waiting still. My knee, wrist and ankles are playing up the most, but it’s the neuro stuff that scares me the most. Did you (do you) get headaches, brain fog and depression with Lupus?


  3. Evidently I need to learn how to spell rheumatologist (was that right!?) 😉


  4. I’m really looking forward to the trip. My aunt lives there so she plans on taking us for the big tour. This will be my second time visiting her in England so I hope to see even more things this time! As usual, I plan to carefully chronical everything, including the dialysis unit I’ll be at.I never really got headaches very often, but i’m sure I did experience brain fog. Though having Lupus since I was 14…I almost don’t remember what it’s like to be “unfoggy”. I think the most “fogged” my brain as been was when I developed a growth on my brain which paralyzed me..slurred my speech, made me drool when i spoke, limited my use of my hands, etc. I’m fine now and the growth is gone due to some good ol’ agressive prednisone treatment. Rheumatologists (no idea how to spell it either now that I think about it…) are great just as long as you have an understanding and helpful one. I’m lucky to have Dr. Fortin. Let me know how ur first appt goes when you get there in November!


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