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Good Food, Good Friend :)

After disconnecting myself from my machine this morning, I walked over to the place I get my massages to get another massage. It was just as relaxing and helpful as the last one. However I must admit, during my walk there, I thought I was going to give up. It was warm, my feet and ankles hurt, and I was tired. I still wore jeans and a long sleeved shirt (long sleeved shirt with multiple holes in it…like a crocheted shirt) and sunscreen because I didn’t want to get zapped by the sun and get some sort of a Lupus rash. But there were so many points where I just stopped walking and considered pulling my cell phone out and calling a cab.

It isn’t a far walk. It’s about 15 minutes. Still, 15 minutes feels like 15 hours when your feet/ankles hurt. I really need to get back into my water therapy (physio in the pool). I’m sure it’ll help.

When I got home, I decided to work on some gum paste flowers. A family friend is getting married next week, and 2 days after that, he is having people over at his house. My mom asked me if I could bake a plain vanilla cake in a bunt pan. My mom isn’t too into sugar and stuff like that, and I suspect that is the same thing with many Nigerians. That being said, I can’t exactly slather this cake in buttercream and fondant. So, since I cannot do that, I thought I’d make some gum paste flowers to stick in the centre of the cake where the hole is in order to make it look pretty. I’ll post pics when that is all done.

Today I met up with my friend Liz. Liz and I were in the same training class when we both started working for the bank 5 years ago. Yep, training class. That class was like 33 hours a week, for 5 weeks, while I was in school full time. I don’t know how I didn’t fall over in exhaustion, but luckily I made it through…and I’m glad because I love my job.

Anyhow, Liz works in a branch now and not in the offices where I work as she went to teacher’s college and spent the last 6 months or so teaching kindergarten. She continues to work as a teller on Saturdays.

Liz and I were always close as we always seem to be on the same wave length. We have similar likes and a similar sense of humour. Since parting ways where work is concerned, we’ve consistently went on “dates” just so that we could keep abreast of what was going on in each other’s lives.

Every year, Toronto has something called Summerlicious. There is also Winterlicious. This is where some restaurants will have a menu with various starters, main courses, and desserts that you can choose from with a certain price. This price is often (no, definitely) much cheaper than what you would expect to pay in such a restaurant. I made a reservation for a restaurant called Autogrill. We had a great meal which only cost us $25 each, which would normally cost us about double that. I loved the atmosphere. It was young and hip, while still being classy and sophisticated. Our waiter was very attentive and helpful. If you’re in Toronto and you’re looking for a restaurant where you can just sit back and enjoy good food with good company, I highly recommend the Autogrill at 495 Eglinton Ave W.

Anyhow, Liz and I spent the time sharing food and sharing stories. It was fun. We chatted about our lives, our plans, what was new in our lives, etc. I haven’t seen Liz since I started home hemo so I told her about that. She was very happy for me as she also agreed that this must save quite a bit of time for me.

Well, I’m tired as I had a long day so I’m gonna call it a night.!


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