I’ve never broken/fractured anything in my life. I’ve jammed a few fingers playing volleyball and I’ve been winded by a speeding baseball to the stomach. I’ve twisted an ankle triple jumping in grade 8 (still got 2nd place…!) and I’ve gotten a big gash on the palm of my hand while running towards my sister on the sidewalk after a trip to the local public library. Heck, I’ve even sliced my pointer finger with my chef knife back in my chef school days.

I’ve been lucky enough to never break anything. Even though I’ve been through many a painful thing in my life (i’d have to say havng a perforated bowel and having a bone marrow tap from either your spine or your hip bone are at the top of that list) I’ve always been mortified of the pain I’d suffer if I broke anything. Now while I’ve had pain in my ankle and foot for some time, it isn’t anything like the pain I imagined one would feel if they broke a bone. Perhaps it’s just because it’s a small break, or perhaps it’s because I have such severe osteoporosis that it broke so easily without needing a lot of force? I used to be on calcium but now I’m not because I’m on daily dialysis. Why can’t I be on calcium and on home hemo at the same time? Wouldn’t that help my horrible osteoporosis? I guess that something to discuss with the rheumy when he gets back from Montreal.

Anyhow, It’s still awkward walking around with this thing. I should take a picture and post it to mark the occasion: my very first (known…) broken bone. And heck, my first break was 3 breaks all at once: 2 in the foot and 1 in the ankle. Go big or go home, eh? Hahaha.

Anyhow, I’m going to put my cast back on and head downstairs. I should grab a snack before I go to sleep. I’m escorting my mother tomorrow (well, I suppose since it’s after 12 am, I’m technically escorting her later today). She’s going to get her hair done. I want to go with her just so the lady who’s doing it knows that this is my mother and not to over charge her for the braiding services (long story…)!

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