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Stupid Dialysis

Today had been a long day of emailing and planning back and forth with my Aunt over in the UK. As I mentioned, my family trip to the UK to visit my aunt and her family was also to consist of trips to both Paris and Austria. Paris was meant to be an overnight trip, and Austria a one day trip.

Unfortunately, because of my dialysis schedule, we will not be able to go to Austria 😦 I really wanted to check it out, but it just wasn’t possible. As it is we’re already cramming so many things into one week.

There was also much family discussion about the trip to Paris. With the cost of our trip there, plus the cost of the hotel, the amount we’re paying is 159 pounds per person. Now my Aunt said that such a price was “brilliant” and we should get on it right away. The problem with that is, what seems average for her is basically DOUBLE for us. A one day trip would be silly, as that would cost around $125 pounds. If we’re gonna go, might as well go for the gusto.

Our trip to Paris will be on Thursday morning. We’ll have fun all day, then go to our hotel at night. After that, we’ll come back to the UK and go straight to the clinic for dialysis for a noon run.

I really look forward to going to Paris as I’ve never been. Ultimately, I just look forward to going to England and seeing my Aunt, and Paris is basically just the icing on the already scrumptious cake.

I picked up a couple of medications from the drug store today. I got my multi vitamin, I got my IV gravol (for the 4 hour mega dialysis runs which always make me feel like I’m gonna hurl), and my omeprazole. I couldn’t have been happier when I picked up my omeprazole. I used to have to pay like over a hundred bucks for 90 pills (3 month supply). Now, when I picked it up, guess what I paid?? 70 cents!!!!!

Thank you, trillium drug plan. You saved my life.

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