When I got into the office yesterday morning, I took half an hour to sort through the plethora of emails in my inbox. 95% of them were my co-workers requesting shift trades/ shift switches with other people. There was one email, however, that was particularly interesting!

I guess my building has seen that many other office buildings have either gyms, exercise programs, etc, and are now considering doing the same thing! The email was requesting that we go online and fill out a survey with our opinions on the idea.

If this proposal does actually go through, wellness and fitness classes will be offered. Some of these classes include things like tai chi, yoga, pilates, yoga-pilates, body flow…even boot camp! I’m not sure that I’d be participating in the bootcamp stuff, but all of the other stuff sounds great! How wonderful would it be to have a teacher-run workout program to participate in either before my shift or afterwards?

I think it’s a great step and a great idea. I can’t wait for this plan to be implemented (as I can’t imagine anyone being strongly opposed to it to the point where the business decides not to go ahead with it).

I’ll continue with updates as they happen! 🙂


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