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Boysenberry! Where are youuu!!

I’m still waiting on my kitchenaid mixer. I ordered it on August 29…and according to the website it was just shipped today! I hope it comes soon as I gotta get to baking, and I can bake TONS of cake in that super huge mixing bowl.

I just came back from McCalls (cake decorating store/school) and purchased some things that I need for a cake I have to bake. Since this is a cake that’ll be going to church, I changed my idea a bit for the cake. I decided that I’d like to make a square sheet cake as the base, then make an open book cake on top. The book cake on top will be (surprise, surprise) a bible. Not a bad idea for a cake going to a church, eh? The cake will, as my previous idea, still have leaves and branches and stuff going up the cake…that will not change. I’m going to make the leaves with a spiffy new leaf cutter that I bought so that it’ll have time to dry. Then, I’ll dust them later…possibly tomorrow. Then they’ll be done so that all I have to do is make and decorate the cakes, then apply the decorations!

Since I want the leaves to have a curved appearance so that they look more natural, I’ll have to dry them on a curved surface and not on a flat one. The box that I get my dialyzers in has something that looks like a large egg carton that separates the layers. This cardboard carton is just perfect for drying my leaves! So these dialyzer separater things have a use other than separating the layers of my dialyzers! 🙂

Anyhow, I haven’t much to report today, so I’m gonna head off, grab some grub, then make some leaves!


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