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The Dentist…then Cake Decorating??

After dropping off some blood at the lab with my Mom, my sister and I headed off to see my dentist…a trip that was way, WAY past due…over two years past due in fact.

The dentist visit went just as I suspected. It was long, my mouth hurt from keeping it open for an hour, and it hurt even more getting my teeth cleaned. I admit…I’m not much of a flosser. It’s tedious work. And no, it’s not just me being lazy, but it’s my teeth. My teeth are extremely tightly spaced together. Even when I buy the floss labelled “for tightly spaced teeth”, my tightly spaced teeth still tears the floss to shreads…often causing floss to get stuck in my teeth, meaning I have to floss the floss out of my teeth, only to get the first piece of floss out but a second piece stuck in there….you see where I’m going with this, right?

Anyhow, as usual, I was semi-lectured on my lack of flossing and paid for it with some painful deep cleaning (aka scraping). Usually when I get the deep cleaning I get some freezing in my gums, but not this time. Usually they just give it to me but I didn’t recognize this hygenist. Maybe I should have asked. Anyhow, at the end of that appointment, I found out that one of the fillings filling in a chipped molars had kinda come off. I have to go back and get it fixed.

After that, I came home, ate, then went out with my Mother. We went to the cake store so I could buy a PROPER cake box (the one that I was sold last week wasn’t the right size even though the cashier is the one who got it for me when I showed her the cake board I needed a box for). Then we zipped off to Canadian tire so that I could buy a mini hacksaw so that I could cut dowels for the cake I’d be stacking. After buying that stuff, we headed home so I could work on my cake.

I wasn’t totally pleased with my cake. The fondant didn’t go on the cake nicely like I wanted it to. My house is much too humid and it made my fondant sweat, also making it sticky. The finished product looks ok, but I’d have been happier if it didn’t sweat so much. It actually sweat so much that it made my black edible marker pen stop working properly.

Here are 2 pictures of my cake. The “vines” are chocolate fondant and the leaves are gum paste.

Now, it’s time to fill up my bicarts, grab a bite to eat, then get some well earned shut eye after a busy day. My mom still has a lot of food to cook, vegetables to cut, fruits to arrange…poor mom!


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