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icky cold must go away

I’ve been suffering for the past few days now. Well, not “suffering” per se, but definitely uncomfortable. Every few minutes, another family member is shoving a tissue in my direction. I contemplate in my head and wonder why they’d do that, and no sooner do I start wondering did I notice my numerous sniffles.

Yup, I’ve got the sniffles. I’m also very phlegmy (is that how you spell it?) When I’m at work talking on the phone, I have to mute my phone while the customer is speaking so I can clear my throat. It sucks.

I checked the mail this morning and received my offical letters of acceptance from both George Brown and from Seneca. When I got the mail, I noticed that the Seneca letter was considerably heavier. When I opened the two letters, I noticed that the George Brown letter was simply a letter of acceptance with a book that spoke about how to pay for college in terms of being able to afford it, buying books, residence information, etc.

The Seneca envelope contained the letter of acceptance, a series of 3 sheets of paper which discussed the course I was accepted into and also what my school fees were, and the date that these fees were due. There was also a small white envelope within the package which was there in case you wanted to mail your tuition fees in. The handbook that Seneca included with the acceptance package is entitled “The Admission Handbook”. It has a lot of the same information as the George Brown handbook but is much more detailed. It includes important dates in regards to deadlines for paying your tuition, when the first day of class is, etc. There is also a detailed list of the fees due for what looks like every single program at Seneca. This book is very detailed, it reading would most certainly warrant a nice cup of tea and a couple of shortbread cookies.

I think it’s about time to accept the school of my choice, George Brown. I’m hoping that my waitlist status gets upgraded to accepted where the HR- co-op program is concerned, but we’ll see. Then I won’t have to worry about transferring into the co-op program after the fact.

I’m going to go and blow my nose now.


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