I’m off today and tomorrow. I’m also expecting a delivery of dialysis supplies today. I hope the co-ordination of my dialysis supplies works when it’s time for me to go to school full time.

I’m exhausted and I’m sick. I have a runny nose, and i’ve had at least a couple of nose bleeds too.

I work in customer service. In fact, I’m a front line customer service representative. That being said, in many cases, I’m the first point of contact when a customer calls in with questions that they have.

It’s not at all realistic for anyone to try and satisfy absolutely everyone in a group. In a group of 100 people, there’s always going to be at least 1 person in that group who is absolutely livid at a product or service they received. Well, perhaps not “absolutely livid”, but maybe just unhappy or upset. When I got hired for my job, the first 6 weeks was strictly training. Training and nothing else. I am well equipped to handle all kinds of situations, whether they are directly related to their accounts or perhaps a complaint or a call expressing dissatisfaction.

Today, I didn’t feel well equipped to handle such calls. I AM equipped, and I DID handle such calls with as much tact as humanly possible…but it was just different. I’m sick. My nose was running and I was constantly blowing it. I was coughing. My throat was sore so I kept clearing it. Today wasn’t a good day and I don’t feel like I was very productive. I just felt so blah. I was doing my job, and I was sure to press the mute button before I coughed or sneezed…but I also felt like I should have just stayed home. I was sure to keep to myself in that I didn’t want to make anyone else ill, so I sat in the corner, essentially segregating myself from everyone hehehe. I washed my hands a lot too.

But still, you know how it is. All I wanted was my bed, my blankey, my hot water bottle, my bizline mug full of tea(hehe, got that mug from work), and most importantly, my mommy.

Thankfully, aside from having to roll out of bed for the delivery person who is supposed to arrive before 12pm (we’ll see if that actually happens…hopfully it does) I’ll have plenty of time to relax. I’m hoping not to be a sick and blithering mess for the up and coming flare for fashion show.


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