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What happened to my Section 8??!!

If you click on the label entitled “section 8”, you’ll find that I wrote an entry at the end of May. A section 8 had been filled out for me by the pharmacist at the hospital and also by my nephrologist. When it was filled out, I picked up the form (or it was mailed to me…I can’t remember because it was a long time ago…!) and faxed it to the appropriate department.

A few months later, I began to wonder what was going on. I hadn’t heard back as to whether or not my Section 8 had been approved.

The section 8 is for my cellcept. My trillium drug plan does not cover my cellcept because it is generally only covered for those who have had a transplant. I have not had a transplant, but I do need to use cellcept to keep my lupus related kidney rejection at bay.

So, this section 8 basically allows my doctor to explain why I am taking this medication, then trillium decides whether or not they will assist me with the cost of my cellcept.

So, the secretary at my home dialysis unit was advised by the pharmacist to call ODB (Ontario Disability Benefit) to inquire about the form I had faxed in. Sometimes things get lost or mixed up, and a phone call is necessary to sort things out. When the secretary called…she could get no one to call her back!

So, my section 8 has yet to even be looked at, much less approved. Now I have to trouble the pharmacist to fill it out again and have my nephrologist fill out the other parts. Thankfully both the pharmacist and my nephrologist are wicked cool. Sometimes I feel like I ask so much of them…I feel like a big pain! But I really need this section 8 thing looked at.

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