So I just got back from the fracture clinic. I got there at around 8:00am, checked in, then sat down to relax, sip on my soy vanilla latte, and eat my cinnamon glazed donut. I opened up the package for my donut and it was covered in chocolate. Eww, that’s not what I asked for. So I went back.

I received my donut from the unapologetic employee and headed back to the clinic appointment just a few steps away. I sat down to enjoy my donut. I took two bites, took my medication, then another sip of my latte.

“Florence?” I heard. I turned around and saw Luciano, the same helper guy who was there the last time. He helped me by-pass the x-ray line last time.

Shocked, I pointed at myself like “Me?”

“Yep. We called you a few minutes ago but I think you were out to get your coffee”.

Rad! I’ve only been here for like 5 minutes!

Oh wait, I had better not start doing triple axles yet. I still have to wait to see Dr. Lau. Another 5 minutes passed and there he was. Shocking X 2! He asked me how my foot was and I told him that it hurt again. I also told him that I had done an x-ray yesterday just so he could have it. He looked at the x-ray and it didn’t show much. He suggested that I get another MRI done. He sat across from me and told me to give him my foot, which I did. He began to press gently certain parts of my foot. The part that was broken before didn’t hurt, but right where my middle toe is, at the top of my foot, when he pressed there I let out a soft yelp. It hurt. It felt exactly the same way it felt last time when my foot was broken and the doctor touched it.

He suggested that I wear a short fracture boot until an MRI could be scheduled. Ah crap, not another fracture boot. Well, at least this would be a short one since my ankle is not involved. Dr. Lau wrote out a prescription for a fracture boot. I sat there and wondered why he did that as no one wrote any prescriptions last time. Dr. Lau asked me if I had insurance and I told him yes…was I going to have to pay for this?

Shortly thereafter, Luciano came in with a black, short boot. He put it on for me. It was different than the one I had last time in terms of how it needs to be put on. I’m glad that it’s short because the other longer one was so restricting that it put a lot of stress on my ankle.

After putting it on, I followed Luciano to the front where he put the information in the computer for my MRI. I asked him what I needed the prescription for and he told me that it was for the boot. I asked him if I was going to have to pay for this, and he said that he sually wouldn’t charge me but it did cost $150. Sheesh! Glad he was nice enough to do that.

After that, I headed home. At least I don’t have to worry about being late for my dental appointment at York Finch Hospital. And, luckily, the MRI department called me promptly and told me that there was a cancellation and an MRI appointment came up at 11:30pm tonight. I accepted and I’m gonna get my foot MRI’d.

I’ll discuss what happens with my wisdom tooth extraction consultation appointment tomorrow! 🙂

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