braids tired

I made it…!

I made it through my 8 hour shift at work!

Though I will say that I’m pretty tired right now…!

The shift actually went by pretty fast. When I was working the 5 hour shift, I have one 15 minute break. When I work the 8 hour shift, I have two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch period. All of those extra breaks put in make the day go by much faster. I also enjoy the company of my co-workers and that certainly helps as well. I was very organized and remembered to pack a lunch the day before. All I have to do is remember to stay organized and continue bringing lunch to work in order to avoid the fast food temptatiion. The closest fast food is actually at the mall across the street from my building. Well, there’s also a cafeteria in my building that serves pizza pizza amongst other things, but I’d like to keep such meals to a minimum. Not healthy…and pricy to boot.

While at work today, I dreaded the thought of having to come home and un-do the braids in my hair. I have a hair appointment bright and early tomorrow morning and I have to take out the braids I have now. Usually taking out braids is such a chore, however I only have a few braids to take out this time as I actually had a weave. Much more convenient, but I gotta say, I love my braids.

So, that being said, I had better stop typing and start unbraiding.


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