UPDATE: My $125 Smackeroos!

At work yesterday, promptly at 9:30 for my first break, I called GBC’s call centre to inquire about this mysterious charge. The rep looked at my account and said “oh, that’s because you made the payment to the fall semester”. I told him that I followed the instructions as they were stated to make the payment via online banking. He told me that there were 2 payment choices for making online payments. I told him that there were indeed 2 choices. The choices were GBC current YR and GBC prior YR. I selected current, as it certainly wasn’t for the prior year! He put me on hold and told me he was going to contact the accounting department. A short hold later, he told me that the amount of $125 had been credited back to my account, however I couldn’t get back the $145 as it would simply be credited towards my tuition. That was completely fine with me as much more than that, approximately another 1 grand, still needs to be paid for the spring/summer semester. Just as long as my $125 was credited back. When I got home that evening I checked online and indeed, the fee had been removed. 🙂

Today was my appointment with the disability consultant at GBC. She was great. I met up with her at her office for my 10am appointment. We discussed many things and she informed me of many options that I have open to me.

If need be, I can reduce the number of courses that I’m taking in order to keep up and not get stressed out. It would take longer for me to finish school, but it may be of benefit to me as I wouldn’t have to worry about so many courses all at once…and I wouldn’t have to pay extra cash for more years since the yearly tuition that I would have already paid will cover those courses. Pretty sweet, eh?

We also discussed another one of my options, which is to write my tests/exams in the test centre and not in the regular class with everyone else. I would be allotted 50% more time to do my test if need be and I would also be alllowed to take breaks if need be. Pretty sweet. One of the things that happens to me when I’m in a big room writing a test is the fact that I often get nervous when I look at the clock. If I have an hour to write a test with 25 questions and it has been 30 minutes and I’m only on question 8 or 9…I panic. I don’t pay attention to the fact that the rest of the questions after the one I’m working on are all yes/no questions. I simply panic. I panic even more when I’m writing a test and am not finish but notice people handing in their tests and leaving. If I’m allowed to write my test in the test centre and not have to worry about everyone else…that’s be fantastic.

My consultant also told me about the note-taker service. Yup, just as it sounds. If I want/require someone to help me take notes in lectures, that’s completely open for me. I’m not sure if I need a note taker, but that option is certainly open to me. What’s great is the fact that all of these services are completely free. How wonderful! I look forward to getting on track and starting school in January.

Oh, and last night was the first real snowfall here. Real snowfall as in, yes there is still snow on the ground and it didn’t just disappear right after hitting the ground. Pretty? Maybe. But I’m still a fan of super hot weather versus super cold weather. I’m also not a fan of navigating the busy streets via public transit in a ski boot cast. Nobody got up for me on the busy bus or subway. My foot got cold but not too wet as the snow wasn’t quite high enough to get in there. I’m investigating the possibility of waterproof socks. LoL.


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