I’ve never really been a fan of group work or group assignments. Don’t get me wrong… I like people and I like working in groups, however I only like doing this if the other group members have some degree of seriousness in regards to the task at hand.

Last night, as I sat on the couch for hours undoing my braids, I sat irritated and slightly nervous at the fact that it was almost 11pm and I was yet to receive an email from any of my 4 group members with answers to questions due on Tuesday. I had asked that they all send their information to me by Thursday (yesterday) so that I’d have time to proofread everything and put it together before Tuesday.

This worried me. I’ve never worked with these people and therefore have no idea what their work ethic is. Did I just get stuck in a group where nobody plans on doing the work? Am I going to automatically lose out on 7.5% of my total final mark for this class because I can’t manage to do EVERYTHING myself? And even if I did…would I lose marks for not being a “team player”, even though I am??

By 12:30am, just before I put my head against the pillow after working on the assignment for about 45 minutes, I noticed that 1 of my group members sent me some information. Excellent information, in fact.

I had forgotten that one of my group members joined our group 1 week late, so I told her she could email her things to me today, which she did. Her information was also very well done as well so I was happy about that.

It’s now down to 2 group members. The I eventually received information from 1 group member. I received the equivalent of 1 or 2 sentence answers to all 7 questions. The assignment is supposed to be a total of 10 pages long…1 or 2 sentences don’t help!

The other girl, I just got off of the phone with her. Apparently she’s at the library right now and is supposed to have the answers to the questions emailed to me about 6 minutes ago. I’ll check my email right after I finish this.

Regardless, I’m not letting anyone jeopardize my mark, but it’s just irritating to think that I’m in high school all over again…praying that my group members do their part.

My back still hurts…but it seems to be getting a lot better. Thank God for that. I’ve gotta dialyze tonight. First, I’m gonna make myself some pink lemonade. I deserve something yummy. And cold….because after this whole group fiasco I do feel really heated. God, get me to Tuesday.

3 comments on “Group Work!

  1. Hey Miz Flo,I know we don’t formally know each other but I also am a survivor of lupus and found your blog when I searched for “Lupus and wisdom teeth”. I just began following it and find the information you post both helpful and encouraging. I’m also online at http://www.larouedefortune.blogspot.com. Best of luck with your project. Adapt and overcome!–d’Artagnan


  2. Thank you so much for your post!I’m glad that you find my blog helpful. It’s always encouraging to know that the things I say and type have value to others.The project went well (i hope…!) in spite of the lack of work ethic of others! I will write a post about the outcome when we receive the group assignment back. How are your wizzies (or lack thereof..) doing? I still feel like I have gaps in the back of my mouth where my wisdoms used to be but the gap is slowly closing. I came down with laryngitis(sp?) just after getting them out…perhaps its related? Who knows. Oh well.Thanks again for the words of encouragement and I hope to hear from you again soon!–Flo


  3. wizzies are doing ok. I’m just really tired from the whole ordeal. glad your project went well.!–d’Art


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