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Remind me again why they don’t have dialysis machines that set themselves up?

Today felt like a long day even though it wasn’t.

After my dialysis run, I cleaned up and studied for my online computers test. I did the test prior to my math test this afternoon. It was on excel. It’s difficult going through the excel on my computer to try and figure things out as the test is based on Excel 2003 while I have Excel 2007. I used the online study/practice tools. I felt totally unprepared but I knew I had to write the test today or else I’d have to trek all the way to school just to do the 20 minute test. Luckily I managed to pull off a 26/30. Hurray!

Anyhow, before all of that, I received a phone call from the tech informing me that he’d come to my house tomorrow morning. I hope this no water alarm business gets rectified.

Also, in terms of my up and coming group assignment for my business concepts class, I discovered something pretty great for group work: google docs. It allows you to post things in a password protected place. You can invite others to view the document and also add/edit the docuument as well. It’s pretty cool because the people that I invite to view our document in google docs don’t need to sign up for a gmail email address…they can create a password with their own email address and just sign in. I also like it because all of our information ends up being in one centralized place as opposed to everyone emailing everyone else random documents…it just gets confusing.

This time around, our professor suggested that we fill out evaluations for all of our group members to outline how much work they did. Considering the fact that I’m with the same group as LAST time (yup, the one where a lot of the work ended up on my shoulders) it’ll be nice to evaluate others. There is no excuse this time and I simply am not going to stick up for anyone this time.

Anyhow, as per the title of this post, automatic set-itself-up dialysis machine have not yet been invented, so I had better get on it.


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