First of all, i apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes and such. I’m writing this post from my nokia E71. It’s essentially a test post…just to see if this works or not. Then i’ll know that if emergency on location blogging needs to be done…it can.

Anyhow, i didn’t do much today. Yesterday, my mother, sister & i went to the annual Good Food Festival. We loved it as usual, however the effects of the recession were evident. There weren’t as many vendors there, and because there weren’t as many vendors, there wasn’t as much food sampling to be done. There were a lot of banks selling credit cards, but not quite as much food as we would have liked.

I took a picture with Mr. Peanut which i will post at a later time. At one point, my sister and i witnessed some lady running/bouncing into Mr. Peanut! I wad very annoyed by this. Why would she repeatedly charge into the poor man/woman in the peanut costume? Based on the expression on her face, she thought it was a riot. Based on the facial expression of her male companion….um, maybe not so much.

I felt unusually tired today. It was the kind of tired one feels when they might be getting sick. I don’t want to get sick…especially with all of this swine flu business. I REALLY hope this doesn’t turn into SARS part 2.

Hmm, i can definitely see how and why heavy blackberry users sometimes end up with problems in their hands and fingers so i think i’ll end now. Besides… as i mentioned, i’m feeling pretty exhausted & i gotta leave the house at 730 am tomorrow for work.


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